How to Decrease Tahi Flies

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How to Decrease Tahi Flies
Moles which are referred to the beauty spots is a group of skin cells transformed pigment cells of the skin so that it appears black or dark brown. Moles can grow anywhere on the skin surface, but is especially prevalent in the face, neck, back and chest as well as in other places in our skin. The shape and size varies. Moles normally grow to the size small so that adds beauty face. However, in many cases, the size can be large and growing clustered so that the face seems dirty and eventually damage the skin beauty.

Sometimes even considered the existence of a mole has its own meaning depending on the area where they are grown. But this can not prove scientifically that these assumptions are considered mere superstition. Apart from the absence of meaning in everyday life, the clear appearance of a wild mole on the skin is very annoying, especially when the size of the mole is rather wide.
Shrinking Natural Way Tahi Flies

So how do I shrink a mole? Although it is fairly difficult, but it could not hurt to try some herbal concoctions as described below:

• Use onion and 1-2 cloves of garlic made into a paste and apply to the mole that you want to turn down. Pasta is also useful for removing a mole that grows wild on the surface of your skin.

• Rub slices of tart apple on your moles for three consecutive days. Alternatively you can use sour apple juice with a drop of apple cider vinegar on cotton and then rub it on moles unwanted growth. Usually within a few weeks of using apple cider vinegar has given satisfactory results. Moles will memengecil by itself.

• Use honey. Apply honey every morning and evening on the moles to be removed. To further streamline the working honey reduction moles, you can add flax seed oil and seed powder.

• Like honey, pineapple juice is also very effective to decrease or eliminate the moles. Spread pineapple juice on your moles before bed and when you wake up in the morning on a regular basis.

Castor oil is a natural remedy that is safe and effective to minimize and eliminate moles. Put castor oil at some point in your moles for one to two weeks until you see the results. Tea tree oil or tea tree oil is one of the best ways to shrink and eliminate moles. Besides being able to shrink moles, tea tree oil is also excellent for treating warts disease. Using tea tree oil is sufficient to soak the cotton in oil and rub it directly on your moles.

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