How to Eliminate Body Odor Naturally

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How to Eliminate Body Odor Naturally
It has a pretty face and beautiful body shape is not enough to give a sense of confidence if they have body odor problems dreadful. Although body odor does not cause pain but can affect our daily interaction. It has a pungent body odor that would interfere with the motion, and all our activities. Also of course we certainly feel inferior if you are in the middle of the lot.

Cause of body odor is actually not as sweat as he seemed in general over the years. Body odor arising from some of the bacteria that secrete chemical smell which eventually causes body odor.

It's just that these bacteria multiply rapidly in the water sweat and that's why people who have excessive sweating in general have body odor problems. Moreover because the bacteria in the sweat, medical disorders and alcohol can also cause body odor. In some other cases of body odor can be experienced by heavy smokers and also due to hereditary factors.

How to mengilangkan with deodorant body odor can actually be used, but it is only temporary. However, after the use of several hours duration, body odor reappears. So the use of deodorants to eliminate body odor is less effective because it is only temporary.
How to Eliminate Body Odor Naturally

Well, one way to effectively eliminate body odor permanently and solve the problem of body odor using natural herbal ingredients. The use of natural herbs to eliminate body odor actually been known long ago.

Some herbal ingredients mainstay of our ancestors in removing their body odor include:

a. Rose Water Drops

One natural treatment for body odor is to shed a drop of rose water in the water bath every morning and afternoon. This will give freshness and fragrant scent also functions as a replacement for a good deodorant.

b. Apple Cider Vinegar

The benefits of apple cider vinegar can be to overcome indigestion, reduce pain in the throat and body odor trigger some skin disorders such as ulcers and inflamed pimples.

In addition, apple cider vinegar can also reduce the pH of the skin while removing underarm odor. For armpit odor problems in drops just enough apple cider vinegar in a glass of water is a material rinse the armpits before showering.

c. Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is a plant very much multifunctional health benefits such as treating a crusty rash on the baby's head (cradle cap), to treat infections of the skin, treating gingivitis and reduce plaque.

Besides tea tree oil is also very useful for eliminating body odor meneeteskan way this tea tree oil as an ingredient in a glass of water or body rub on your armpits. Tea tree oil is an antibacterial herb to prevent your body odor.

d. Radish juice

Radish plants used as ingredients in addition to vegetables, it can also be used to treat certain types of diseases such as dysentery and flatulence. In addition, the radishes are also often used to eliminate body odor. The trick with grated horseradish and extract fruit into juice. Apply this juice on the underarms or your body every morning and evening to benefit satisfactorily.

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