How to naturally treat Ulcer Disease

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How to naturally treat Ulcer Disease
Ulcer is a disease of the stomach, symptoms are usually pain in the pit of the stomach, nausea, and a feeling of fullness and frequent belching. If you are experiencing this be careful because you have experienced the symptoms of heartburn. previous posts we have made about how to treat coughs and how to get rid of acne. This time the disease in the body that also disebkan because of unhealthy lifestyles.

For those who experience frequent heartburn already know all the symptoms of an ulcer when being attacked. If you have severe heartburn is usually a person is unable to move because of the stomach pain is not unbearable. Many ulcer drugs on the market, many of them quite effective. I do not forbid you to take drugs, because sometimes I even took it when he was attacked by a very painful ulcers in the gut. However, there are several ways ternyta also treat heartburn naturally or traditionally. Here's the explanation.

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1. Diligent Fasting

Many studies have shown that fasting may help treat ulcers. This is theoretically true because when fasting, we are so regular eating schedule, while the day - the other day we usually eat regularly, causing ulcers.

2. Starch

Who is not familiar with the starch, making the meatball mixture can be used to treat ulcers. The way is easy. Take the flour taste. then roasted until yellowish. Then make 1 cup of hot water, and add 2 tablespoons of flour. Drink the solution every day until the ulcer disease was gone.

3. How to cure heartburn uses Turmeric

Since time immemorial, especially in Indonesia turmeric has become popular, not surprisingly in the drink herbal ingredients usually found from turmeric. Turmeric can also be used to treat ulcers. way is also very easy. Take a few pieces of turmeric, then wash and peel the skin. After that scar and drink water in the morning and afternoon. Besides drinking straight water, turmeric was also able to drink boiled water.

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