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how to create a blog, then the next step is how to promote your blog. One way to increase visitors to your blog is your blog promotion to various places on the internet. This is done to make your blog famous and much sought by Internet users. If your blog is already widespread and well-known, of course, the number of visitors of your blog or website visitors, will increase by itself. Then how do you blog promotion that can help increase the number of visitors to your blog?

1. With unique, interesting and useful

The contents of the blog or blog content interesting, certainly has more appeal to their readers. Content that is kept up to date, content that contains tutorials, or anything else that could be useful to others, have added value and make people happy and satisfied. That way, they will be keen to come back to your blog, and look for other interesting information from your blog. Conduct research with respect to the content up to date, attended some sites like google trends or popular search on yahoo, so you can find the topic being discussed, and sought after by many.

Try to make the content not just copy paste. Unique and interesting content will be favored by search engines, rather than the blog just copy and paste the contents. Make your own post with the words, even though the main themes or topics and important points in it is taken from a variety of sources.

2. Take advantage of Social Networking Sites

Utilizing social networking sites to promote your blog is also a powerful way to create a blog to be famous. We can promote post or article on our blog to various social networking sites. On Facebook you can share a link (share link) article on your blog manually or automatically using networked blogs application, or provide links to blog postings from the group. You can capture your blog fans on facebook.

On Twitter you can also share links. Especially if you have a lot of followers, the more knowledgeable your blog promotion network. So the possibility of visitors to your blog will be increasing promotion of the blog on twitter.

Similarly, other social networking sites, MyYearBook, Google Plus, MySpace,, and much more. Or you can see from the list of 15 Most Popular Social Networking Sites is. Use social networking sites to promote your blog.

3. Join the Mailing List or Mailing List

In a mailing list, you can exchange information between fellow members of the mailing list. By following the mailing, promotion for your blog promotion will reach a wider area. Each of us sent an e-mail campaign on our blog, it will automatically spread to all the other members of the mailing list, and if they are interested, they will come to our blog. So our blog will be more widely known by many people.

4. Use the E-mail Signature Features

You certainly know the campaign blog via email instead? Use the signature on your e-mail, or on the forum. This is one surefire promotional blog. By including e-mail signature that includes the address or the address of your blog post, every e-mail and any contents purposes you send an e-mail, you are indirectly promoting of your blog.

5. Active in Forum

Take a variety of discussion forums, and aktiflah therein by following the discussions there. In addition you can also give a signature campaign to contain the contents of your blog, you can also get a free backlink. There also you can share any information related to your blog. For reference you can see the list Internet's Largest Community Forum 2011.

7. Submit your blog to search engines

Search engines are the most important thing. Most search the internet looking for information on a variety of information using search engines. More and more of our blog content much indexed by search engines (search engine), the opportunity to capture visitors to our blog even bigger. Register your blog to various search engines, especially in the search-engine giant known as Google, Yahoo, Bing.

8. Submit your blog to Website Directory

Registering your blog to website directories are also important so that your blog a lot faster and indexed by search engines. You can register your blog to various web directories, especially on large directories websites like Google Directory, Yahoo! Directory and DMOZ directory. Dmoz is also often used as a reference by other search engines.

10. Submit your blog to Social Bookmarking websites

Online media are no less important in the promotion of your blog is social bookmarking. Social bookmarking is used to bookmark a variety of posts or articles are preferred. There are many social bookmarking sites, ranging from the small to big PR. You can register your blog to social bookmarking sites such as digg, stumbleupon, blinklist, technorati, delicious, reddit, linkedin, and many more, both Indonesia bookmarking sites, or social bookmarking sites abroad.

11. Submit your blog to RSS Submission

Your blog certainly has RSS feeds. You can also get RSS feeds via Feedburner. This method is also one way to make your blog visited by many visitors. Some of them such as RSS Submission:

And much more. Or if you want you can use the automatic bookmarking rss rss bookmarking to many sites at once with applications such as automatic ping in and others.

12. Combine your blog to Social Community Network

How to blog your next promotion is to register your blog to Social Community Network as Blog Catalog, Google Friend Connect, technorati, Top of Blog, Top Blog Area, blogged, Blog Top Sites, SpicyPage, and various other social network community. If it had actually there My Blog Log is famous for its variety of features and simplicity, but unfortunately, it's My Blog Log is closed.

13. Blog Walking

Frequently streets or blog walking to other blogs. And leave a trail in there with each other to comment and link exchange. Blogwalking to sites or blogs that have a PR (Page Rank) will be more beneficial for you as well as for mutual gain quality backlinks. That way you can visit the blog each other and build a good cooperation in order to increase the number of visitors on our blog.

14. Optimize Your Blog

In addition to creating content that is unique, interesting and useful, you should also note the appearance of your blog. If you've done your blog promotion, then try to make your blog look make people linger on your blog and keen to come back to your blog. Do not plug too many knick-knacks that are not really needed, it will make our blog light and heavy loading. It's also a trick for your blog much favored visitors. Try to make your blog neat, clean and courteous.

Well, bloggers, that tips on how to blog promotion, in order to increase visitors to your blog. Tips are also part of the steps Search Enginge Optimatioan (SEO). After running a campaign blog, you try to measure how strong your blog on the internet later. Perhaps there are many other tips that you think is also an important factor in the promotion of your blog, you should add in the comments field below. Hopefully this blog promotion tips for you. Congratulations work and Happy Blogging!

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