How to remove oil on the face

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How to remove oil on the face
How to remove oil on the face - has a greasy face is very disturbing appearance. Especially for a woman, can reduce the beauty herself. The amount of oil on the face is usually directly proportional to the amount of acne on the face, so to remove the oil on the face is tantamount to an attempt to get rid of acne .. Oily will usually look shiny, if a man has a greasy face is usually not very visible, because it was offset by the use of hair oil.

I also adala people into a subscription have oily face, so that the acne was unavoidable. Various types of medicines and advertising products I've used in the high school, but to no avail. Currently the college I no longer have a lot of acne and facial oil is gone. Apparently there are some natural ways removes facial oils without the use of a variety of products such as in the advertisement. This time I will share a few tips.

How to remove oil on the face

1. Use the tomato and cucumber

Before bedtime, gosoklan sliced ​​tomato or cucumber in all parts of your face every day. Using cheap tomatoes more than the cucumber, and also easily available in the market.

2. Use warm water

In the morning before showering, a time to make hot water, then dip a clean cloth in hot water before, then lapkan kewajjah you have rubbed with tomatoes in the evening. It aims to eliminate the layer of fat on the face.

3. Use Bengkoang and potatoes

Take yam and potato taste. Then puree, it's up to you how smooth the two materials separately, you can grind and use a Blinder. After that make your face mask section that has been washed first. Use at bedtime in order to survive long in the face. In addition to eliminating facial oils, Bengkoang and potatoes can also shrink the pores on your face (to be discussed in the next article)

Main causes of oil on the face.

If you have managed to eliminate your facial oil, then you should not keep your face oily again. Here are some of the main factors causing the emergence of oil on the face.

1. Dietary factors

The food you eat affects your face turns, if you frequently consume fatty foods and oils that acne appears on your face. Therefore, eat less fat and replace it with foods from plants

2. Descent

The fruit does not fall far from the tree. Tip: If your parents also have oily then you are also likely to have a face like your parents berminhyak

3. Error using cosmetic tools

In choosing cosmetics you should choose smart cosmetics Sesua with your skin, because some types of cosmetics are sensitive on your skin type. You should first consult the doctor about your skin type

4. Hormones Factor

Adolescence is a period of rapid enough growth hormone, a hormone imbalance triggers oil on your face. Oily actually will disappear by itself when've grown up, look at your parents, no longer have oily face is not it?. That's some way to eliminate facial oil, easy enough right? good luck good luck.

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