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Info about the health of this time the Yellow Disease. Jaundice is a disease caused by the change warnah skin, sclera (the white part of the eye) and the salivary glands caused by increased bilirubin in the human body. If the levels of bilirubin in the body exceeds the normal capacity, it will break down the bilirubin and mixed with the blood then affects the change in color of the skin and eyes to become yellow.

Jaundice is rarely found among us from the plague rarely affects adults, usually jaundice is more common in newborns or toddlers. But this time the health info will explain extensively both jaundice jaundice in adults as well as infants or toddlers.

Traits - traits jaundice:

1. The change in color of the skin and whites of the eye color looks yellowish
2. Increased levels of bilirubin that reaches 2-3mg/dL
3. Increased levels of billirubin will affect the liver, causing the urine to be yellow with a sharp odor.

Here's a little review of the functions and duties of the liver:

• Organ liver serves as a place to store food, especially sugar, fat and a little protein.
• The manufacture of plasma proteins (blood) and blood clotting substances
• Making bile which is very helpful as a digestive agent and the red blood cells that have been damaged
• A place to dispose of and destroy toxins and form red blood cells in babies still in the womb.

If jaundice usually affects adults of many cases that are caused by acquired penchant to consume alcohol in amounts enough to attack the liver thereby increasing billirubin levels in the body. While infant jaundice occurs when the bilirubin in the baby's blood through normal limits, under normal circumstances bilirubin values ​​less than 10 Ml / l. That led to high levels of bilirubin in infants are:

• Newborns, his liver function has not run 100%
• Infants less sunshine in the morning between the hours of 7:00 to 8:30
• infant and maternal blood type is different
• When pregnant mothers often consume herbs.

Response jaundice in infants:

• Jaundice is normal in infants can usually be overcome by frequent drying the baby under the morning sun.

• For infants with high bilirubin can be performed using phototherapy treatment to blood transfusion.

• Phototherapy method is a common therapy performed for infants with jaundice. Infants were given special protective eye, then the baby is placed in a special box that was given berwarnah light blue, infants who underwent this therapy is generally best to not use clothing to enlarge terkenanya light on the entire surface of the skin. Lamps that emit blue light will help eliminate bilirubin. Phototherapy is not harmful to the baby, if the baby is dehydrated then the liquid will be given by infusion.

• Blood transfusion therapy is rare, and is usually done in cases that have bilirubin levels that reached a serious level. Baby's blood will be taken and then be replaced by blood transfusion by the same amount.

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