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God created the universe complete with a variety of supporting. God also created the "torch" for the earth, the sun in the daytime and the moon at night. The two objects of God's creation it has an important role in human life.

The sun, for example, the sun helps the process of metamorphosis on the plants so that plants can thrive, if the plants are well developed, the plants can produce oxygen needed by humans and animals. Likewise with the Moon.

The Moon is a space object that serves as a natural satellite of the earth. Called natural because the Moon is created instead of a human hand, in contrast to other satellites are created by humans. One is the satellite palapa. Palapa satellites are satellites of creation belongs to Indonesia. Palapa satellite is geostationary telecommunications satellites Indonesia.

Basically space objects orbiting other planets objects larger ones are called natural satellites. Thus the Moon orbiting Earth and has a smaller form of the Earth called the Earth's natural satellite. So is the Earth, the Earth orbiting the Sun, and the shape is very much smaller than the sun can also be referred to as a natural satellite of the Sun.

As a natural satellite, the Moon is not alone. Moon "accompanied" by four other natural satellites. The fourth satellite is Ganymede, Callisto, and Io orbiting Jupiter, Titan orbiting Saturn, and the moon itself orbiting the Earth.

Moon is the celestial bodies can not emit its own light. Moon can glow at night because it gets the reflection of light from the Sun. Actually, the Moon was also present during the day, but because the sun is much brighter light, the moon is only visible in the form of white dots tend to be transparent.

Moon has a form much smaller than the Earth. Its diameter is only 3474 miles. Approximately one-quarter smaller than the diameter of the Earth possessed. The gravitational force held the Moon was much smaller.

As a loyal natural satellites orbiting Earth, the Moon takes 27.3 days to 29.5 days orbital period and for a period sinodic to be circling the Earth in full. That's what we are familiar with the turn of the calendar month in BC, such as December, January, February and other months names contained in a single year.

Month depends on the force of gravity which is owned Earth. Earth's gravity hold the Moon from falling to Earth. The force called centrifugal force acts. Centrifugal force that the Moon possessed slightly larger than the attractive forces that occur in the Earth and Moon gravity.

Although there is no air and water on the Moon, but the Moon is the only celestial objects that can and never visited by humans. The surface of the Moon is not as smooth as we see from Earth. The surface of the Earth is full of sunken craters caused by asteroid impacts.

Illustration month

On July 20th 1969 the first man landed on the moon with Apollo 11 her. Then, the astronauts of Apollo 11 placed a retroreflektor on the lunar surface. Retroreflektor is a light reflector designed to reflect light coming (laser beam) from the Earth to the Moon, then come back to earth and is part of the experimental device measuring the moon's distance from Earth.

When the night comes shining moon, but just like the other planets, the moon does not have its own light source. Moon can be seen by us on earth as it gets reflected light from the sun. Moon is round like a ball with a diameter or 3.476km diameter, slightly larger than a quarter of Earth's diameter.

Rupa months were divided into five groups, namely:

1. Sea

Months have parts that were dark, smooth, and flat, which is called the sea or maria. Here the sea as the sea is not contained in the earth contains water. Sea is a part in the smooth, flat surface, the color is a bit dark, and does well in reflecting sunlight.

2. Highlands

Through the telescope photographs, people can determine the location and height of some of the mountains on the moon. Several peaks over 9000 meters high above the surface of the moon, one of the examples contained mountains are mountains Apenine month

3. Moon Crater

On the lunar surface are thousands and thousands of craters of various sizes and diameters that reach 800km.

4. Moonlight

Moonlight is the light that radiates to some direction from some craters months. Moonlight does not produce shadows. According to the investigation and research of the moon occurs clumps material ejected from the crater, and then reflect light better than him so far seems to shine.

5. Valley of the Moon

In a few months was found lying in a winding area similar to the old riverbed or like the abyss. Some geologists estimate that the valley of the moon is an old fracture that contains dust In the air that surrounds it has very little gravity, so that we can see through the film show the astronauts floating, floating in the air. The Moon's gravity approximately 1/6 times the gravity of earth, causing traction on weaker month to tie its atmosphere.

This is what causes the condition and temperature of the lunar surface can change very quickly. In very quiet due to noise or sound can not propagate. The sky on the moon seems very black, not blue as on earth. In no water cycle.

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