Red Eye Symptoms

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Red Eye Symptoms
Red eye is a result of changes in the blood vessels in your eyes makes your eyes look red, and usually occurs in one or both eyes. Red eye usually caused by irritation or infection. Even everyday causes, such as coughing, sneezing, crying, and lack of sleep, can cause redness of the eyes.

Red Eye irritation can be caused by smoke, fumes or dust in the air or household cleaning products or personal care products, like shampoo or soap entering your eyes. Wearing contact lenses prolonged irritation resulting red eyes. Allergy is a very common cause of red eye, whether they be local, such as an allergic reaction to eye makeup, or more generally, such as fever.

Another common cause of red eye is blepharitis (inflammation of the eyelid margins), conjunctivitis (inflammation of the surface of the eye), crying, or tiredness. Lack of sleep and allergic reactions from animal fur is also a cause of red eye.

To cause a serious eye sore it as acute glaucoma (a sudden increase in eye pressure), orbital cellulitis (infection of invasive soft tissue around the eyes), periorbital cellulitis (infection of the eyelid or other soft tissues around the eyes) Uveitis and iritis (inflammation structure of the eye).

As for some of the common symptoms of pink eye is often the case, such as:

- Bleeding or bruising
- Eyes sting
- There's something in the form of granules into the eye like dust or sand
- Increased tear production
- Runny nose (nasal congestion)
- Sneezing
- crusting

Serious symptoms of pink eye:

- Eyes bulging
- High fever (higher than 101 degrees Fahrenheit)
- Problems with breathing such as shortness of breath.
- There is a change in such penghlihatan penghilatan faded or missing.
- Crusting on the lips or tongue.
- There is a sharp object into the eye.

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