Running out of ideas Choosing Topics in Creating Blog Post

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I often run out of ideas in writing in a blog. Understandably, I admit that I am a novice blogger who still bejalar in writing. In fact I purposely make my blog with a variety of categories, so that I can create or fill the post with a subject that is not limited and wider. Here I will share my experiences as tips on writing articles. I've run out of ideas to choose a topic in a blog posting.

It was an experience that I experienced myself. By the time I ran out of ideas, search for a topic or writing what I post in the blog, I got the idea to make a very simple script. "Why I did not write about how to create an email? '. Although I realize this theme may be a trivial theme. I did not expect much of the writing that I will make it. Because for sure, many people who can make this email and do not require my writing. Or, would've been a lot of other good articles that contain these writings of the blogger or other senior author.

But I try not to care about it. I still decided to immediately write posts about how to make your email. Then I started writing and collecting the necessary drawings.

I accidentally create a new email, with the aim that I could write a step-by-step measures to be carried out concretely. I also do printscreen the registration process I created a new email. The goal is that I can display images to complement each of the steps to create a new email.

I deliberately wanted to create original writing and original images of what I got myself. I did not do a copy and paste from other sites or blogs that have previously written about this topic. The goal is just so I can make the original post from the writings and images that I created my own. Then I collect the best keyword research I use in my post using google adwords. And finally, I was able to menyelesaika writing about "Making Guide or New Email Account" was completed. There I divided again into two other posts that make email on google, and create an email in yahoo.

As I said earlier, I do not expect much to get a lot of response from my last article, because the theme that I created earlier writings do seem trivial nature, and too basic.

But unexpectedly, a week later, it turns out that my writing was actually even consider trivial ranked first, writing the most widely read in my blog. I really do not think, this idea actually makes my blog visitors is increasing.

So I had to get a new lesson for this incident,

1. Make writing original and unique, without cheating or copy and paste from other people, it will be great results in SEO. Self-confidence is the key. Write whatever you want to write, it would be better if your writing can be useful for someone else later.

2. Making paper is not necessarily thematic weight. Simple theme can become a much sought-after posts of others.

3. Finding the appropriate keywords in the post or article to be made, and many people sought to do with peneletian. One of them is by using Google AdWords.

4. Finding theme fads is also good. Just as I raised the topic "Guidelines for how to make email '. Currently there are many social networks that requires having an email account can join. For example, twitter, facebook, myspace and other social networking sites. Meanwhile, social networking is a trend today actually being liked by the people. Quite often from people who do not know the world of the Internet to try and join the social networking that are emerging today. Therefore, no wonder if many people who can not make the email will also find information about how to make your email.

Well, that's my personal experience about making a post on my blog. Who knows my writing can inspire you bloggers. Happy Blogging!

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