Sulfur Benefits For Face

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Indications Sulfur water for skin

Sulfur Benefits For Face and Skin - uses sulfur or sulfur is one of the oldest treatments in treating skin problems, not just to get rid of acne, tinea versicolor, scabies, ringworm but also for a variety of other skin problems such as dandruff, allergies and reduce the amount of excess oil on the skin .

Benefits of sulfur for humans

Natural elements and properties of sulfur are widely used in a number of drug and cosmetic products that help in acne problems. The products can be used safely but unless you are allergic to sulfur. Sulfur is very good at killing harmful microorganisms such as bacteria.

Acne is the result of an infection of the skin because it contains millions of bacteria that had not been cleaned. sulfur will get rid of them and give the skin free from acne blemishes. But the use of these elements also cause dry skin. Since acne is caused by excessive secretion of sebum and oil are present in the skin, sulfur will remove it from the skin by drying the acne.

Benefits of sulfur to the other is to prevent the skin pores of your skin open and bakeries will be blocked. Clogged pores due to different factors such as the deposition of excess sebum, dirt and chemicals in makeup and other cosmetics.

When you wash your face with sulfur, the blockage will be removed and your skin breathe optimally. This is to prevent the development of bacteria and infections in the skin, eliminating acne. Some skin care products ranging from cleansers to masks already memakaianya because sulfur content over the benefits of other non-metallic elements.

However, sulfur can cause excessive dryness which can cause chapping, scaling and peeling the top layer of the epidermis when used regardless of dosage. So. always follow the directions on the package you buy sulfur products.

Shortage use sulfur for acne

sulfur deficiency was working a little slower. You need a little time to look at the process. Other side effects of the use of sulfur in acne products is skin color changes slightly. However, these side effects are not specific to the use of sulfur.

An important consideration when using sulfur

Avoid using sulfur if your skin is injured, damaged, dry, sunburned or damaged in any way. Also doctors recommend that pregnant women should not use the product because of its effect on the baby in the womb is not known exactly.

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