Tips and How to grow long hair

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Tips and How to grow long hair
Having long hair thick, black and straight highly coveted almost all women. Shown with long and curly hair down certainly of concern to many men. Hair to be one point of concern when he met the woman.

Hair as a crown for her very perperan important in improving their confidence. To realize it is sometimes very difficult, especially for those who have slow hair growth or hair other health problems. If you are one of those who want long hair but is plagued with the problem of hair growth, here we will give you some tips and ways to lengthen hair.

1. Sport

Exercise regularly to stimulate blood flow. The blood carries nutrients will nourish every hair follicle and eventually will stimulate the growth of healthy hair. If blood flow is substandard, it will generate more growth of hair dull and brittle. In addition to improving blood circulation, olahragan regular basis will also reduce the stress that keep hair from kerontokkan.

2. Hormone

Androgen is a hormone that acts primarily to promote hair growth testosterone, estrogen, thyroxine and corticosteroids. Foods that can increase the production of hormones such as testosterone raw oysters, asparagus, low-fat beef, beans, eggs, poultry meat, garlic, brown rice, wheat, cheese and fish.

3. Nutrition

A balanced diet and nutrition can help boost the growth of a human hair. Essential fatty acids omega-3, protein, vitamin B12, vitamin B3, and iron are found in many different types of fish, will prevent the dryness of the scalp and hair color that is not normal. In addition, dark green vegetables contain lots of vitamins A and C, which can help the production of sebum and provide a natural hair conditioner.

Nuts contain protein to stimulate hair growth and also contain iron, zinc, and biotin. Biotin functions to activate certain enzymes that help in metabolism of carbon dioxide as well as protein, fat, and carbohydrates. Deficiencies in biotin intake can cause brittle hair and can cause hair loss. To avoid biotin deficiency are advised to consume plenty of whole grain cereals, liver, egg yolk, soy flour, and yeast.

Beans contain high selenium sources and therefore it is important for a healthy scalp. Alpha linoleic acid and zinc are also found in some nuts and help condition the hair and prevent hair shedding that can be caused by lack of zinc. Protein deficiency can cause hair weak and brittle, and eventually can lead to loss of hair color. Low-fat dairy products are a good source for calcium

Nutritional deficiency affects the growth of hair, especially protein and calorie malnutrition. In this condition the hair becomes dry and kusam.Kekurangan vitamin B12, folic acid and iron can also cause hair loss.

4. Vascularization

Good blood circulation will circulate nutrients and oxygen throughout the body, including the head. As we know, hair growth also requires oxygen. To increase vascularisasi to the hair, do regular head massage.

5. Skin Temperature

Keeping the temperature of the scalp by wearing protective headgear, especially in hot temperatures to stabilize the growth of the hair and protect it from loss and damaged hair.

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