Tips to avoid Google Adsense banned

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Google's policy of ending Banned ( Tips to avoid Google Adsense banned)

Ownership google like other public companies that are stock. To give satisfaction and maintain stock google took out a policy that can be said is that the policy could be detrimental to the pubisher ads. Kebijakanya the quality and content filtering-kotenn that at present the bloggers increasingly tighten. Lately proved extremely difficult to register as aggota adsense for reasons not quality content and the content is not original, and one more proof that many members adsense banned because one or a few words or terms artikelya contains adult even though the content of the article do not discuss things like that, and many other examples. So to the members adsense is still able to survive and exist let alone have often earning, I will give tips to you adsense account so that you can continue to survive and produce.

Tips to avoid Google Adsense banned

1. Hidden text
Never ever you hide your keywords shrink by letter or otherwise disguise warananya the background. It will make you hit tersebuat penalty from google adsense.

2. Buying links PR
There are so many websites that provide or sell links PR (PageRank). If you do it any time adsense will be banning you in the future. Because it gives the bad in the eyes of search engines. Let alone that gives google rank or rating to your blog or website instead of forcing Google to give rank.

3. Multiple Domains
Many of the bloggers who do this, raising isitilahnya blog. They make hundreds of blogs with similar content and refer (link) to the main blog. Indeed, a lot of which are not touched by google, but not necessarily be detected, because the search engines look at domains IP registry dates and many others. Domains that have exactly the same content is not something that can be disebunyikan. The same goes with content multiplied many times on separate pages, sub domains and forwarding multiple domains to the same content.

Not only the search engines like google that enforces this technique many search engines lainpun implement the same. Because they (google) think you should present the content to be accompanied by their ads are aimed at human visitors and not bots.

4. Link Farm (raising link)
Now a lot of sites that offer such services. I know that you should not be able to make or control the incoming links to your blog. Link farm like this is not liked by search engines. Now google implement incoming links of a "page" is nothing more than 100j so if you want to add yourself do not more of it.

5. Disguising ads with the content
There is so much to do this in order to make visitors click on the ads. But a lot of the big sites that are trustworthy and do it adsense account meraka fine, "Ask Why?". Maybe because they already trusted by Google and the visitors are on target for the ad will automatically benefit the advertiser.

So hopefully useful tips from me. And for those of you who would plan to register adsense again it would be a good idea to check whether your blog banned by google or not.

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