Uses Sodium Citrate

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Uses Sodium Citrate
Uses and Benefits of Sodium Citrate Citric acid is a substance present giver flavor and preservative of food and beverages, especially soft drinks. Code of citric acid as a food additive (E number) is E330.

Citrate with different types of metals are used to provide the metal (as a form of biological) in many dietary supplements. The nature of the citrate buffer solution is used as a controller in the solution pH in household cleaners and pharmaceuticals.

The ability of citric acid to metal chelate Why make it useful as soaps and detergents. Either metal chelate in hard water, citric acid allows the soap and detergent foam form and function well without the addition of hardness removal.

Similarly, citric acid is used to recover the ion exchange material used in hardness removal tool by removing metal ions accumulated at the ion exchange material such as citrate complex.

Citric acid is used in the biotechnology industry and medicine to coat (passivate) pipe in the engine instead of the high-purity nitric acid, as nitric acid can be harmful substance after being used for this purpose, while citric acid is not.

Citric acid can be added to ice cream to maintain the separation of fat globules. In recipes, citric acid can be used instead of lemon juice.

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