Who is the Mona Lisa was actually?

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Who is the Mona Lisa was actually?
Name Mona Lisa contained in many beautiful works of art. Mona Lisa painting being a high artistic value. Even the Mona Lisa's name was the title of a song. Do you know who the Mona Lisa really is? Secret identity model of the famous painting by Leonardo Da Vinci's famous Mona Lisa, will be revealed.

Italian research team for some time doing research on the tomb of Lisa Gherardini Del Giocondo, a person suspected of the model in the painting, now claim that they have managed to get the skeleton of the woman, reports the Dailymail, Friday (20/05/2011) . The research team said the skull was found at a depth of 1.5 meters below the floor of the monastery, along with other fragments of human ribs and vertebrae.

Now scientists will compare the DNA with the DNA skeletons of two children Lisa Gherardini is buried nearby to prove the truth of authentically. If researchers can confirm the skull belongs to the model, forensic artists will then attempt to reconstruct her face to see the comparison with the version of the paintings made 500 years ago painted by Da Vinci and the future is expected to be the solution of solving the puzzle of the mysterious smile.

An archaeologist, Silvano Vinceti, in charge of the excavation, explained, "We do not know whether the bones belonged to a single skeleton or more than one.

"But this confirms our hypothesis that in the Monastery St.Ursula still human bones and we can not evade that among them are the bones belong to Lisa Gherardini, because we've done previously using a radar detection," he said.

Mona Lisa has become history. About who Mona Lisa was actually too will soon be revealed. Ongoing research to prove, who is a beautiful woman named Mona Lisa in Leonardo Da Vinci's painting it.

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