10 Facts About The World Blogger

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10 Facts About The World Blogger
Many people think we can easily make money with your blog. That's not true! The truth is that many people who start a blog and then stopped after 3 months. The truth is that of all the bloggers of the world, only a few are able to make money from their blogs. So, before making a blog, let alone have the desire to make a blog that can make money both within 1 month, should we need to learn more about the world of blogging.

1. Need to work hard

If we want to create a blog, then we must be willing to work hard. Because doing blogging activities is to have a lot of work: from creating a blog and then defend it by designing, fill plug, or update softwere writings that we presented in our blog. And do not forget, we also have to promote your blog, manage advertising and sales that we have.

2. Create a blog takes charge

We may have heard a free blog. Yes, the fact it is true. But by using a free blog like, or other free blog that does not mean we do not pay at all. We definitely pay for it all, the minimal cost of the Internet that we use. Not to mention our blog in order to manage more comfortable for visitors, updating etc.. All of the cost. That is just the free ones, not to mention if we use their own domain and hosting, of course there will be more costs we should spend.

3. Not an easy way to make money

Many beginners think blogging is a fast way to make money. It's really not true. It takes a lot of hard work and time before we can collect a dime on the internet to millions.

4. Takes a lot of time

If our goal is to create a blog to earn money, then beginning to cultivate patience and diligence on us. Due to make our blog as a machine of money is not an easy job. It can not be done in a few days, but it will take months or even years.

5. Bloggers have knowledgeable

Running a blog is very flexible, because we have to know a little of everything. Not because we want to be seen as someone who is smart, but because if we know about everything, we could attract a lot of things that can get people to get caught in our blog page. It was certainly very influential on SEO and blog promotion wrenches us.

6. Must be time efficient

If you are a newbie blogger, it's important for us to plan and reserve some time that we have for blogging. Ask yourself, "when I have to ngebblog? '. In the morning? After working? Before going to bed? One hour a week is not enough, so we must learn to use our time very efficiently.

7. Have to say "no"

When we plan to work on our blog, and a friend invited us to go for a walk, sometimes we have to say no.

8. Know what is written

It's important to know what we write. It makes us easy to write a good article and could attract visitors. If visitors find that we're writing about something that we do not know, they'll leave our blog and will not be back ever again.

9. Must learn

Keep in mind, when starting a blog, there is a lot to be learned. We can not know everything about blogging from scratch, all need to learn. Some successful bloggers write their experiences on his blog page. If we are a beginner blogger, then we need to learn from those who have been successful.

10. Must hobby

We have a greater chance of success when we do activities blogging as a hobby, talent is the umpteen number. If the hobby already, we will be eager to take care that we have a blog. We will also be eager to add to our knowledge about the world of bloggers. And it's very useful!

So the conclusion is that we pelu do some effort to become a successful blogger. And even if we had all the requirements of a successful blogger, nor guarantee. But the thing to remember is that all successful bloggers also been a novice blogger.

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