17 Types of Mango in The World

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1. Honey mango wine

mangga madu anggur
Mango is a sweet and delicious, unusual grape honey mango trees grown in the lowlands and easily cultivated, the fruit has a long round shape, slightly curved beak and dark green while the color of their skin glands with marked spots and covered with greenish-white waxy coating. The flesh is thick and sweet.

2. Mango Fa Lan

mangga fa lan

Lan Fa mango has a sweet taste like crispy crunchy. length slightly tapered shape and green. Another name mango is a mango fa lan thunder.

3. Mango puppet india

mangga golek indiaFind a mango india has a long tapered shape but not billed, sweet, and when ripe the skin remains green. India mango puppet has a thick flesh sweet and fragrant crisp, dark yellow color, soft, not fibrous, and when sliced ​​release much water

4. Mango Chokanan

mangga chokanan

Chokanan mangoes from Thailand with a thin seed traits that automatically meat thick, fibrous but sweet and although the meat is tender structures.

5. Mango cingnawang

mangga cingnawang

Mango cingnawang sufficient size jumbo like mango manalagi, warrants skin is green even when ripe reactors. originally from Thailand and has a lot of meat and sweetened

6. Mango Malgova

mangga malgova

Mango malgova have characteristic taste pretty sour when he was young.

7. African Mango Honey

mangga madu afrika
African Mango Honey has a very attractive red color washed bright green with mango menyolok.Berbeda other commonly eaten when ripe, african mango honey to taste delicious eaten when the fruit is ripe is also delicious eaten in a state mengkal.

8. Mango Harumanis

mangga harumanis

Harumanis mango is a mango varieties from Probolinggo jatim. It was fragrant and sweet is what an advanced mature dikala characteristic sweet fragrance as the name suggests fragrant and sweet.

9. Mango Cengkir indramayu

mangga cengkir

Mango Cengkir indramayu is typical small village known as mango Cengkir (pelem Cengkir) are large and have a distinctive fruit fiber.

10. Mango manalagi

mangga manalagiManalagi mango is a mango from Situbondo, large fruit size and color and a sweet yellow fruit dikala mango is ripe. Long shaped round and slightly curved beak with the skin remains green despite ripe.

11. Mango lali Jiwo

mangga lali jiwo

Mango is native lali Jiwo Probolinggo with a sweet taste though still raw, especially when it's ripe sweet Woooo 

12. Mango gedong lipstick

mangga gedong gincu

Mango Gedong cirebon lipstick from the area, a unique name, color and reddish yellow flesh and looks nondescript, thin skin round shape without grooves, thick flesh and a delicate fibrous sweet and fragrant. 

13. Apple Mango

mangga apel

Apple mango shaped like the fruit called mango apple apple therefore, it was sour when he was young with green skin reddish at the base. fragrant fruit aromas.

14. Coconut Mango

mangga kelapa

Coconut mango can reach an average weight of 1 kg, shaped like palm ivory and green round. meat is thick and fragrant. coconut mango comes from the field of Sumatra.

15. Mango Okyong

mangga okyong

Mango Okyong oval shaped fruit has a thick and fibrous flesh with a subtle sweetness. Mango okyong from thailand

16. Mango Parked

mangga parked

Mangoes have parked like harumanis oval shape, thick flesh with thin seed. It was sweet and fragrant. red skin color on the tip of the stalk tackles.

17. Mango Erwin

mangga erwin

Erwin mangoes come from australia, red skin color with a thick fruit and seeds are soft and thin fibrous flesh soft.

That is just some of the many varieties of mangoes, different types of mangoes has its own characteristic and flavor, fruit tekstuur also vary. For mango lovers, mangoes can be an outlet to enjoy mangoes. Mangoes have a high viamin C and good for digestion because it is rich in fiber.

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