4 Most Delicious Candy Producing Countries in the World

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A snack is well liked by many people, especially children. Sweets, a sweet baby and diverse flavors. Almost every country has its own particularities candy. But not all candy unacceptable tongue other countries. These 4 countries producing the most delicious candy in the world

1. French
In the 15th century, the City of Cremona in Italy produced the first white nougat candy. However, it is now famous nougat from France joined him three centuries later in Mentellimar.

Nougat candy made with sugar, honey, assorted nuts and dried fruits. Some nuts and fruits used include pistachio nuts, almonds, hazelnuts, cherries and grapes. The word nougat comes from Occitan language meaning nut bread.

Come to France to enjoy their distinctive chocolate nougat. Nougat has a crunchy texture. You can also come to Germany to enjoy the nougat from the chocolate and hazelnut nuts.

2. Turkey
Who does not know candy Turkish Delight? Candy is often a gift that comes from the middle east. As the name implies, these candies are from Turkey. Another name Turkish Delight is Lokum, which means mouth full.

In 1776, Bekir Effendi makes this candy and opened a candy store in Istanbul. Candy made from honey and mollases, rose water, lemon and orange. Its texture is soft and sticky, coupled with walnut pieces, almonds and a sprinkling of sugar were around him.

Because it tastes good, turkish delight was famous throughout Europe and even the world. Turkish Delight by-compulsory so if you are on holiday to Turkey.

3. Indonesia
Not only hero in the beautiful natural scenery and culinary delicious, Indonesia is also famous for the delicious candy. Ginger candy from Indonesia has been exported to Europe since 1778. The data obtained from the book Island of Java John Joseph Stockdale.

This traditional sweets made from ginger and sugar. The texture is soft, warm and sweet taste managed to make candy is still famous today. Chewing is not only sweet, but also can be a cure throat and warms the body. You can buy ginger candy in various cities where your destination.

 4. German 

Hitler was the former colonies have tasty sweets are popular all over the world. Gummi Bear first appeared under the name Dancing Bear in 1920 and rose to fame in 1967. This candy is made from gelatin, sugar and fruit Perisa. As the name implies, a small bear-shaped Gummi Bear 2 cm with attractive colors.

Now, this is not just a cute candy shaped like a bear but also a variety of animals and objects. Some shapes include rings, worms, frogs, lobser, hippos, even Smurfs. Gummi Bear is famous for its sweet around the world, including the favorite in Indonesia.

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