4 Types of Vampire

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4 Types of Vampire
1. Origin

Vampire Origins is pure blood descendants. This type of vampire is a vampire born of vampire wedding. his father and mother vampire vampire origin origin. Privileged vampire origin is physical strength like werewolves and yetti. The difference is, we are stronger than werewolves, but werewolves have senses and speed that exceeds us. In contrast to the Yetti, stronger than us, but rather stupid and slow.

Anyway we rely on physical strength to defend ourselves, you understand? In addition, the vampire origin could walk around during the day. But as a consequence, our strength will drop dramatically. For us, eating and nutrition mengasup are two different things. If we were hungry, just by eating bread, meat or anything like what is eaten by humans. But even though we ate, we were not able to digest nutrients from food. We can only mengasup nutrients from human blood "

2. Slave

Slave is a human into a vampire by drinking vampire blood. Slave is very obedient to his master, the vampire who gives blood to be taken by it while still a slave man. Slave will follow all orders the master vampire without a fight. Slave can not live under the sun like us because they are basically dead. His physical strength is also much weaker than vampire origins. "

3. Alter

Alter is a vampire who lost their slave master. If in a given situation, a master vampire who killed or died from any cause, the Slave will lose direction because the master who had given the order no longer exists. After that there are two possibilities that will happen. First, the slave was going to commit suicide after his master, or if the slave was mentally strong enough, his memory when they are still a human being will gradually recover. And when the event happens is the latter, then he will be Alter. he will become a free vampire. But still they can not make a slave like us. "

4. Outcast

Outcast is a human into a vampire without blood drinking vampire original or Alter. They became a vampire through magic, curses, or things like that. But because it is not true, then they can not be a perfect vampire. They can not live under the sun, they are always hungry, and worst of all, the body can be damaged if you do not drink fresh blood.

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