7 Benefits of Early Bath for Health

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7 Benefits of Early Bath for Health
A solid routine day-to-day demands that we constantly active and productive. For that, it needs a fresh body condition and primed so that we can run a variety of activities throughout the day.

One way that can be done to make the body become more fresh and stay fit is to shower in the morning. I'm sure you all do this habit every day instead. It may seem trivial but it is very useful and has many health benefits for the human body.

According to some studies, people should get used to bathe every morning with cold water. Morning shower with cold water not only aims to cleanse the body alone loh. Apparently this practice has many other useful benefits for human health.

Here are 7 benefits of a cold shower in the morning you need to know

1. Mandi am able circulation

According to the results of a research study of platelets in the UK, if a person is often a morning shower with cold water, then the blood circulation will become more fluent. The body also will feel more refreshed and fit. It would be very useful as a preparation we live day-to-day activities.

2. Bathing with cold water will increase the white blood cells

According to a study in the UK, a cold shower will increase the white blood cells in the body. When the white blood cells in the body increases, the endurance and the body's ability to fight the virus also will increase. Benefits of positive body will become more fit and not get sick because the immune system is always maintained.

3. Bathing in cold water can reduce the risk of high blood

According to Frederic Premji, a hypnotherapist from The American Board of Hypnotherapy, a cold shower will reduce the risk of high blood pressure, varicose veins and hardening of blood vessels. This is because a cold shower will launch throughout the blood circulation to the organs of the body.

4. Bathing with cold water to increase fertility

Morning shower with cold water has a positive effect on human reproductive health. The benefit is to increase the production of the hormone testosterone in men and estrogen in women. As a result, fertility and sexual desire will increase.

5. Morning shower repair body tissue health

The habit of morning showers with cold water every day is also a positive impact on the health of body tissue. With this practice, the network will improve the skin, the skin does not dry out and become more resilient. Bath with cold water is also able to reduce blemishes and dark circles on the bottom of the eye. Thus, the freshness of the face will be radiated. Conversely, if a shower with warm water, the skin wrinkles is easier and less chewy. In addition, a cold shower also had a positive impact on the nail tissue. Nails will become healthier, stronger and not easily crack.

6. Morning shower with cold water can make hair healthier

What the heck happened to the hair when rinsed with cold water? Apparently cold water to cover the hair cuticle, so as to reduce hair loss. Hair will be better protected from dirt that is usually attached to the scalp. Thus, the hair will be healthier and stronger.

7. Nutritious cold shower to relieve depression

Ritual bath in the morning with cold water used by Japanese samurai warriors of the past. This ritual is called misogi in Japanese. The habit is intended to cleanse the soul so that the mind becomes calm and get through the day with gusto.

However, apart from the usual ritual of the Japanese serve targeted, it is logical yes if the effect of a cold shower can relieve depression and stress. Just imagine if we were too late, in a state of tension or depression, for one thing, after we shower, the body will feel more refreshed, the mind becomes calmer, clearer, and more relaxed.

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