7 Events Embarrassing When Broadcast Live on TV

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Live broadcast or live is a direct broadcast aired without editing it first, so that what would disarkan direct view tv audience surprise. Well here are some embarrassing moments when broadcast tv going to know?

Here are 7 events Embarrassing When Broadcast Live on TV

1. Presenter pelted with Eggs and Yoghurt

Apes! Unpleasant incident experienced by a television news anchor in Greece. This man was pelted with eggs and yoghurt while guiding talkshow directly. This is done by throwing a bunch of anti-Nazi demonstrators who successfully pushed into the studio.

The newscaster, Panagiotis Vourhas, interviewing a guest speaker in the middle of a live broadcast event on Friday (6/4) evening local time. But suddenly about 17 people wearing masks broke into the television studios and TV Epiros membombadir Vourhas with yoghurt and eggs.

Bombarded endlessly, Vourhas could only stand and turned the camera while cleaning the broken eggs and remaining yoghurt attached to the jacket. While the unnamed informant who escaped and left the studio. While throwing Vourhas, the protesters chanted anti-fascist. Investigate a calibaration, apparently related to their protest Vourhas interviews with party spokesperson Golden Dawn (Golden Dawn), which supports the neo-Nazis in the past week.

"We were attacked with eggs and yogurt because according to them, we have invited representatives of the Golden Dawn to our talk show on Thursday," said Vourhas to viewers Epirors TV moments after throwing incident, as reported by, Monday (09/04/2012).

Golden Dawn known as an anti-immigrant organization that has a target to reach 5 percent of the vote in elections next month

2. Opponents slapped Debate

A member of the Greek parliament hunted by the police after being involved squabbles and scuffled with 2 female politicians. In the debate which was broadcast live on television, the 31-year-old man slapped a woman politician and threw a glass of water toward other women politicians. The incident occurred when Ilias Kasidiaris (31) derived from the Golden Dawn Party (Golden Dawn), attended a morning talk show on a local television station. Also present female politicians Rena Dourou Syriza Party, which is a political rival, Liana Kanelli politician who is Vice Chairman of the Communist Party.

When the debate took place as reported by, Friday (06/08/2012), Kasidiaris who feel offended by comments Rena, suddenly attacked the woman politician. Rena commented Kasidiaris court cases on hold and instead accused the party of the Golden Dawn brought Greece back into the past, exactly 500 years ago. Kasidiaris stood up from his chair and threw a glass of water in front of him to the Rena. Seeing violence, the other female politicians, Liana sitting next Kasidiaris stood up and screamed as he threw the paper at him.

Kasidiaris a former member of the military is becoming a fit and venting his anger to Liana. He slapped the face Liana 3 times in a row, while Liana tried to protect himself. The host Giorgos Papadakis tried to intervene while yelling 'Do not!'. But unfortunately, his attempt failed because Papadakis lost quickly with Kasidiaris attack. After this incident, Kasidiaris was forced to be locked in one of the television studio. But he managed to damage the key and then blurred out. The police have issued an arrest warrant against Kasidiaris.

Local prosecutor ordered police to chase and hold the criminal attacks on others until injured. For his actions, the Kasidiaris could face up to 10 years in prison or a fine. Kasidiaris which is a party spokesperson Golden Dawn is indeed known to be very vocal in opposing issues cornering party. Separately, the party defending Kasidiaris saying he had been provoked to lead to violence against both women politicians.

It is known that at this time, Kasidiaris facing conspiracy in the case of armed robbery in 2007, the killing of a student. In the trial, Kasidiaris has denied all charges. The trial was postponed while the case until June 11. Beating action in the event that was broadcast live debate also sparked protests of thousands of Greeks, against the Party of the Golden Dawn.

3. Middle Finger Broadcaster Russia

A news anchor at Russia's leading television stations stunned viewers during a live broadcast. When reading the news about the APEC conference, the female announcer held up his middle finger at the name of U.S. President Barack Obama. For the offense, Tatyana Limanova an award winning prestigious Russian television, TEFI these, fired by the TV station where she works, REN TV.

According to sources in the private TV station, Limanova was fired on the day the incident. Her dismissal was confirmed by the REN TV on Thursday, November 24, 2011 local time after a number of Russian media crowded preach. According to REN TV, when it did, in fact Limanova raised her middle finger to the camera crew in front of him. The woman did not know at the time that he was still recorded. "REN TV management considers this a gross violation of discipline and ketidakprofesionalan live broadcast," the statement REN TV.

4. Obama bin Laden Dead

In the early news of Osama bin Laden's death was announced by the President of the United States (U.S.), Barack Obama, a lot of the wrong media type, write 'Osama' to 'Obama'. Until a few days later, White House reporters were still slipping into Obama mentioned Osama. This is apparent from the transcript of the White House Web site at press briefing reporters at the White House spokesman Jay Carney, on Tuesday (05/03/2011) U.S. Eastern Time.

Preformance full transcript, there are journalists who slipped mentions Osama as Obama. "Jay, just to follow up, how did Obama - excuse me, Osama bin Laden resist if he did - if he did not have his hand on a gun, how was he resisting?" Said the reporter who asked Jay Carnay . Apparently the reporter was questioned, if Osama was not armed then known as military operations going on, how Osama could not resist. But Carney did not bother the slip of the tongue and keep answering reporters' questions.

"Yes, that's the information I give to you, first of all, I think resistance does not always use guns. But the information I gave you is what I can tell. I believe that being prepared and detailed information can be released, "said Carney. Earlier, news of the death of Osama quickly circulated on news the U.S. mass media, Monday (05/02/2011) and then spliced ​​several competing television stations broadcast the breaking news.

Well, because of the similarities names Osama and Obama, a number of television had made a fatal mistake. Osama's intentions to write, but due to a typo, it is written the name of Obama. This typing error occurred on U.S. television Fox News. When the announcer reading the news the death of Osama, on the screen it says 'Obama Bin Laden Dead'. The photo was taken a number of viewers it was circulated on Twitter and become a mockery. Until then rectified into writing the article is right that 'Osama Bin Laden Dead'.

Accidents call for rush also reported by MSNBC Norah O'Donnell koresponsen. He wrote on Twitter that "Obama" had been killed. "Obama shot and killed," Norah O'Donnell wrote on Twitter, citing NBC's chief Pentagon correspondent, Jim Miklaszewski, as its source. Apparently this is not just happening in the U.S. media, in Indonesia too. A national television broadcast the breaking news of Osama died. But writing errors occurred. On the screen it says 'U.S. Ensure Obama Killed'. After a last few moments, the television editor quickly replace typos it. But inevitably some viewers could take a picture of that typo. Picture was crowded discussed on Twitter.

5. Raise Pistol At Debate

A Jordanian lawmaker involved fray with a political activist at a debate that was broadcast live by TV stations Jordan. In fact, the politicians named Mohammed Shawabka was throwing shoes at the political activists. Worse yet, he also issued a gun! The incident occurred when Shawabka were arguing with activists named Mansour Sayf al-Din Murad on a number of issues, including the matter of the crisis in Syria. While that debate was broadcast live heats.

Both men are mutually denounced each other. "You are an agent of Mossad," said one. "You villain," said the other, as reported by, Saturday (07/07/2012). The two middle-aged men do not care about the emcee who kept asking them to quiet down. Even then, the members of parliament who looks very angry, took off his shoe and threw it into the opponent's debate.

Due to throw shoes, a table in front of Murad, the activist until she fell while trying to escape. Murad also stood up and went Shawabka which has issued pistol. Shawabka Murad's body was pushed forward before the emcee to arbitrate the two men dressed in suits. The politicians and activists continue to hurl insults words with each other. It appears that the host tried hard to break up the two big man. Exciting scenes that ended only after the producers of the TV to stop broadcasting. It is not known how late commotion.

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