7 Greeting Happy Birthday Best

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7 Greeting Happy Birthday Best
Moment Birthdays are happy moments that will always eagerly awaited by many people.

Surely you want to give the best for someone special in your heart, such as friends and friends, boyfriend, lover or ideal heart. You can give them a gift or a birthday greeting poetic.

Here are 7 Greeting Happy Birthday Beautiful

1. First Birthday Greetings

Age, meaning that life is diminished rations ..
But that does not diminish his close friendship
Even with the passage of time,
Our friendship feels more solid and fun
May God give you a long life filled with benefits and kindness

2. Second Birthday Greetings

Happy birthday to my best friend ...
May the days ahead your day happier and hopeful
Although there are a few obstacles suppose it was only a test to further strengthen your faith
Once again, Happy Birthday ...
Hope all good with you "I wish you all the best ..."

3. Third Birthday Greetings

Stepping in the new age, is a dither for you
When a ritual celebrated
with candles
which tells of happiness
Longevity and Happiness in your life

4. Fourth Birthday Greetings

Maybe a rainy day when you were born
but actually it is not raining
it is the sky is crying
because she has lost her little angel
Happy Birthday Friend

5. Fifth Birthday Greetings

Yesterday was the day that has passed
then I will remember ...
Tomorrow is the future then I'll think for success
If God wills ... I enjoyed a few years to be with you
With great hope and prayer
I said to you at the same time
Happy Birthday ... May God continue to keep our friendship ..

6. Sixth Birthday Greetings

Do you know the feeling of fun when
Someone who likes you
Someone who thinks
Someone who needs you
But it will be more fun when you know
someone who never forgot your birthday.
Met Birthday My Sweetheart

7. Seventh Birthday Greetings

Dear ..
Today is your age increases, it means diminishing share of life ..
But that does not diminish any sense of love for you ..
I love you full today and forever ..

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