7 Mosquito Repellent Plants

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1. Geranium flower / vinca

These plants contain substances that easy to fly in the air around it. Geranium can be very easily grown in pots or the ground immediately, if the pot can we move into ruangan.biasanya sold with PRICE: IDR 25.000, - per pot

2. Lavender Flowers

The plant is native of the Swiss Alps in a purple state, clustered stalk tip. The plant is usually adorn pastures at the foot of the Alps beautiful. But the mosquitoes really do not like, because the scent makes mosquitoes dizzy. Why? Because lavender lynalyl contains linalool and acetate. Both of these substances can be obtained from the refining process to be made into a mosquito repellent.

Do we have to distill lavender? Well hassle dong, we just planted them in pots or in the ground near the window kita.harganya 5000-7000 rb / plastic bag size 3 x 5 cm, approximately 30-50 contents lavender seeds ready for planting.

3. Rosemary Flowers

This floral scent like talon oil, fragrance is not it? But mosquitoes do not like, mosquitoes can be stressful and averse approach. Tamanan will grow well in the sun and in need of water. Flowers Rosemery suitable planted in pots or in the ground near the window even close pintu.harga rosemary plants per pot with 50cm height range 10000-15000 rb.

Basil, tlasih, basil, or Basilikum (Ocimum) is a class of exploited herb leaves, flowers, and seeds as a spice and refreshment (tonic). Various parts of this plant smell and taste typical, sometimes unpleasant, scent, or sweet, depending kultivarnya. Some of them can even make mabuk.tumbuhan is also useful to repel mosquitoes. Several types of basil, such as basil, comes from Southeast Asia, but most of the subcontinent ascribed India.klo many in Indonesia gan and cheap price.

4. citrosa mosquito
This plant is the enemy of mosquitoes .... and really liked the light matahari.merawatnya fairly easy and does not require any special treatment, just with water and pupuk.ketika touched, these plants emit very strong lemon smell that will repel serangga.tumbuhan comes from gan belanda.untuk know the price yet, because it flowers so rada difficult import nemuinnya

5. marigold

Marigolds are from Mexico and Guatemala. There are two types of marigold Tagetes erecta (African Mari ¬ gold) and Tagetes patula (French Marigold Dwarf), usually it is used for planting in the garden. Both recognized the name as the flower tai Indonesia ayam.biasanya sold with price 25,000 / pot

6. kecombrang

Kecombrang, Kantan, or honje (Etlingera eliator; synonym Nicolaia elatior, Phaeomeria speciosa) is a kind of spices and herbs is an annual plant-shaped herb that flowers, fruits and seeds are used as a vegetable. This flower can also repel other nyamuk.Nama is kincung (Medan) and Siantan (Malaya). Thai people call this plant kaalaa.harga just 1500/first.

7. serai fragrance

Serai has been known as one of the ingredients that are often used as seasoning, but there are other benefits that are not less important is the mosquito repellent plants. Plants belonging to national grass is not preferred because of the presence of certain mosquitoes geraniol and citronellal. Lemongrass extracts have also been used in the manufacture of mosquito repellent lotion with this scent khas.klo mah much gan grow in the yard, including the type of grass as well.

If you want to repel mosquitoes could actually use the plants and not just a mosquito coil or spray, mosquito repellent plants can also be a powerful weapon mosquito repellent. In addition to safe for health, good for the environment and also really beautiful to decorate the room!

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