7 Most Popular Football Players on Facebook

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The development of social networking sites in the world of sports is a new thing, especially among a number of famous soccer players who want to communicate with his fans virtually. One of the popular sites used by the players is Facebook. Yes, this site was created by Mark Zuckerberg has been transformed into a kind of profile that is able to represent the real in the real world. Along with the development of social networking site users, number of friend and fan of the virtual world can one be a success parameter socialize them. Some players were certainly has millions of fans in their respective sites. Here are 7 players with the highest number of fans on the Facebook site

1. Cristiano Ronaldo, 50 Million Fans
Being a male idol in terms of ability and gestures if the ball game, and became a star for the women with their faces and bodies alluring athletic, makes Ronaldo takes a lot of calculating machines to record his fans.

2. Lionel Messi (Leo Messi), 38 Million Fans
Regarded as the best player in the history of football makes Messi always attract almost all football fans in the world. A myriad of achievements with the Blaugrana also made his team got millions of fans in the last five years. No wonder the La Pulga while still collecting 38 million likes on her Facebook page.

3. David Beckham, 21 Million Fans
Known for his free-kick that off, kebintangan Beckham intensified after she decided to marry the former lead singer of Spice Girls, Victoria Adams. With the face of compelling and captivating skill, not surprisingly, Beckham was able to collect up to 21 million fans in cyberspace.

4. Ricardo Kaka, 18 Million Fans
Even coming down with Real Madrid at the beginning of his arrival at the Santiago Bernabeu, but the figure has become a star Kaka from AC Milan strengthen. With typical calm, religious and certainly attractive in appearance, making an idol Kaka both for the Adam and Eve.

5. Andres Iniesta, 11 Million Fans
Being one of the brand ambassador of a leading sports products from America, the figure Iniesta increasingly easy to find. Not to mention a number of achievements with the Spanish national team and FC Barcelona, ​​which made it known as one of the candidates winning the Ballon d'Or.

6. Wayne Rooney, 10 Million Fans
As the spearhead of the England team and the club for Manchester United, Rooney is very natural to have many fans. Not to mention a controversy that is often a matter of selling the domain of British media, which automatically also make his name more known.

7. Iker Casillas, 8 Million Fans
Played as a goalkeeper and the captain of Real Madrid as well as the Spanish national team makes Saint Iker has many fans. Not to mention the relationship with co-presenter Sara Carbonero dragging his name into the world of celebrities making a name increasingly popular.

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