7 Richest CEO in the World

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CEO stands for Chief Executive Officer merupak leader of one company and is the man behind the success of a prusahan. CEO positions obtained from an ordinary set up their own business, and there is also a commissioner appointed by the board to memimipin a business unit. Because the weight of the duties of a CEO sometimes very large CEO salaries so that no wonder that people with a CEO position prusahan become rich.

Here's 7 Richest CEO in the World

1. Aliko Dangote, 55 years

Company: Dangote Group
Wealth: U.S. $ 11.2 billion (USD 100.8 billion)
Revenue per year: U.S. $ 16,510

MenurutForbes, Aliko Dangote is the richest man in Africa. He is the founder and CEO of Dangote Group, which has the largest market cap companies in Nigeria, Dangote Dangote Cement.Pada established in 1977, is engaged in the sectors of rice, sugar and cement. Now, the industry sector covers more than 18 sectors, among others, property, telecommunications and oil and gas across the country on the African continent. The majority of the value of wealth is contributed Dangote Dangote Cement, which is estimated at U.S. $ 9.6 billion plus interest in the group U.S. $ 450 million. In addition there are two private jets valued at each U.S. $ 45 million and U.S. $ 9 million.

2. Mark Zuckerberg, 27 years

Company: Facebook
Property Value: U.S. $ 18.1 billion (USD 162.9 billion)
2011 revenue: $ 1.49 million (USD 13.41 billion)

In this list Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, is the youngest CEO. Users who numbered about 845 million to make the company he founded is the biggest social network in the world. Rating Zuckerberg could rise even higher after holding IPO this summer. Ownership stake in Facebook as much as 28% estimated at U.S. $ 17.9 billion, this figure will rise to U.S. $ 28 billion after the Facebook entry Wall Street.

3. Larry Page, 39 years

Company: Google
Property Value: U.S. $ 18.3 billion (USD 164.7 billion)
Revenue 2010: U.S. $ 1,786

Larry Page was Google co-founder, first CEO entrusted with the largest internet companies in the world. In 2001 he stepped down from that position to occupy the director of product development. Last year, Page back seat CEO. The net worth skyrocketed in 2004 when Google listed its shares on the Nasdaq Stock Market with raupan fund U.S. $ 1.7 billion. Estimated shares in Google worth U.S. $ 16.4 billion, plus U.S. $ 45 million yacht. Other assets are taken into account is his home in Palo Alto, California, for U.S. $ 6 million.
pesiar. Aset lain yang ikut diperhitungkan adalah rumahnya di Palo Alto, California, senilai US$ 6 juta.

4. Lakshmi Mittal, 61 tahun

Company: Arcelor-Mittal
Net worth: U.S. $ 19.1 billion (USD 171.9 billion)
Revenue 2011: U.S. $ 1.739 million (USD 15.651 billion)

Lakshmi Mittal is the founder and CEO of ArcelorMittal, the largest steel producer in the world. Founded the company's 61-year-old man in 1976 with the name of the LNM Group, apart from the business

family who also iron and steel manufacturers. In 2006, his company merged with Arcelor so it changed its name to ArcelorMittal. Mittal is also a commissioner in the group with an asset value of U.S. $ 13.2 billion. Other assets are home in London about U.S. $ 500 million as well as a cruise ship named 'Amevi' worth of U.S. $ 200 million.

5. Sheldon Adelson, 78 years

Company: Las Vegas Sands
Property Value: U.S. $ 24.6 billion (USD 221.4 billion)
Revenue 2010: U.S. $ 11.356 million (Rp 102.2 billion)

In the United States (U.S.), Sheldon Adelson is the chairman and CEO of Las Vegas Sands, the issuer's most famous casinos countryman. Adelson who had struggled with a poor childhood in Boston has been trying diligently in the U.S. financial industry before finally forming buying Sands Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas and the Sands Expo and Convention establish Centre. in 1989. Shares Adelson in Las Vegas Sands is expected to be worth U.S. $ 14.8 billion. Other assets, including his home in Newton, Massachusetts, predicted U.S. $ 4.9 million.

6. Charles G. Koch, 76 Years

Company: Koch Industries
Property Value: U.S. $ 24.7 billion (USD 222.3 billion)
Income: unknown

Charles G. Koch became chairman and CEO of Koch Industries, one of the big companies in the U.S., since 1967. Group predicted annual revenue exceeded U.S. $ 100 billion (USD 900 billion) according to Forbes. Koch Industries was founded by his father Charles, the father Fred C. Koch and his classmate Lewis E. Winkler in 1925 with the name of the Winkler-Koch Engineering. The company managed to find a way to refine crude oil into fuel oil (BBM). After Fred died in 1967, two brothers Charles and David Koch, took over the company and do a lot more than the expansion to 60 countries. Industry also added that they do. Charles in group assets estimated at U.S. $ 22.4 billion. Another major asset, like a house in Aspen, Colorado, and Indian Wells, California, each estimated to be worth U.S. $ 7 million and U.S. $ 5 million.

7. Eike Batista, 56 Years

Company: EBX
Property Value: U.S. $ 31.6 billion (USD 284.4 billion)
Income: unknown

Eike Batista is the richest man in South America who is also the founder and CEO of the holding company EBX. Previously, he was known as an insurance agent from house to house that likes to take risks in Brazil before becoming president of the company famous. Wealth gained when he made his first sale of gold Amazon in the early 1980s before finally setting up EBX in 1983. Now, the group oversees more than 10 companies throughout the world with a variety of industry sectors. Batista Shares in oil and gas subsidiary, which is the second largest oil and gas company in Brazil, estimated to be worth U.S. $ 19.1 billion. While shares in energy companies U.S. $ 2.3 billion and U.S. $ 1.9 billion mine. He also reportedly had a private jet for U.S. $ 61 million.

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