7 Steps to Powerful Backlink Building Blog

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7 Steps to Powerful Backlink Building Blog
Backlinks are links that are on another website and leads to your website. Backlink is very useful and a great influence on SEO. Search backlinks in SEO categorized as Off Page Optimization. The more backlinks your website, the more you will easily teranking on google.

Do you want to improve your blog in Google? You can give your blog a big step by backlinking with other websites. I know this is not new, but so many people forget to build strong and relevant backlinks to their websites.

Here are 7 Steps to Powerful Backlink Building Your Blog

1. Wear A BackLink Tool

In order to build backlinks to your blog, you'll need a backlink tool or service that will help you find backlinks. There are plenty of great tools out there to reduce the workload of finding backlinks. BackLink Agent is easy to use, you just enter a keyword and select the type of link you want to find - and BackLink Agent does all the work for you!

2. Relevant and Related Websites

It's very important to only link to relevant or related websites. If your blog is about Water Skiing and you're backlinking with websites that are about Body Building - there is no relevant connection or related. Visitors will be turned off because they did not find a relationship between the blog and their website.

3. Directory Site

If you want to build backlinks blog backlinked then get your blog in the directory is a hot idea. Directories such as its category really deep and subcategory system - so you can get really specific about where you want to build backlinks to your blog.

4. Submit Url Site

As mentioned before, BackLink Agent has a tool to help you find websites that accept url submissions. So what will you do is search with one of your keyword phrases, like 'jet boat water skiing and see what websites are available. Now you can submit your url to them and create backlinks to your blog.

5. Active in Forum

Forums can be an excellent tool for building blog backlinks. What you do is use BackLink Agent to search the forum concerned. I recommend adding your blog url as a backlink in your forum signature. So every post you make has a backlink to your blog. A good forum post can send 100 visitors to your blog in a week, or even daily!

6. Create Articles

If you have been writing articles and want to get indexed faster by Google or ranked higher - backlinking your blog to your new article will help you. Just write a teaser article, under 300 words and add a few links to new articles on your blog post.

7. Ping Your Backlinks

Once you've sniffed backlinks to your blog with BackLink Agent, ping your article or blog post (or blog RSS feed). Just do a Google search for 'blog ping service there are many out there.

So there you have it! Now you have the knowledge about SEO and you can go to find backlinks, your blog or website landing page. Backlinks are the source for promoting your website. Build backlinks can be so easy, and the benefits of your blog!

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