7 Tips to Cope with sensitive teeth

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7 Tips to Cope with sensitive teeth
No need to doubt if I have sensitive teeth is very annoying, although only attacked a few moments, but it was so painful, if the tooth ache can be sure you have sensitive teeth, then how to cope or treat a tooth ache?

Eating foods that are too hot and too cold, or foods that are too sweet and the acid can cause intense pain in the teeth, especially for those of you who do have sensitive teeth. Of course the best way to overcome dental pain is to ask direct suggestions to the dentist in order to get the best medication or treatment, and what to do to overcome or cure tooth ache.

But sometimes when we are not too roomy for a visit to the dentist, which is why we will give you some tips on how to treat tooth ache. Sensitive teeth divided into two kinds, namely sensitivity dentinal and pulpal sensitivity. Dentinal Sensitivity: Occurs when the enamel is eroded and the invisibility of the center of the tooth. Pulp Sensitivity: Occurs because the heart has been damaged tooth.

Then how to treat tooth ache? Below are some tips to cope with sensitive teeth

1. Use toothpaste

Use a toothpaste that is made for sensitive teeth, formula contained therein already devoted to overcome sensitive teeth so it would be up to overcome the pain caused by sensitive teeth.

2. Use cleaner mouth (Mouthwash) to maintain the health of sensitive teeth

Mouthwash is actually used for mouth freshener, but several active substances contained therein is also active to ward off germs and eliminate odors in the mouth. It also plays an important role to destroy tartar that cause tooth causing increasingly fragile sense of pain caused by tooth continues to erode.

3. Brush your teeth properly

brushing too hard it will erode tooth enamel and protective coatings. Customs of the people are wanting white teeth, for that they are brushing too hard. This is a big mistake, especially for people with sensitive teeth. As a result, the strength of the gums to the teeth grip becomes weak and wobbly teeth easily. In addition, use a soft toothbrush to reduce damage to sensitive teeth. Rough toothbrush will erode tooth enamel and increase the sense of pain in sensitive teeth. Then brush your teeth slowly and gently.

4. Avoid Foods Too Hot and Cold

Avoid foods that are too hot or too cold. Also avoid eating fruits that are too acidic, excluding drinks were also too acidic.

5. Do not Eat the Heat and Cold

Do not move to the food that is too cold after eating food that is too hot, and vice versa, as this will cause intense pain in sensitive teeth.

6. Do not eat chewing gum

Chewing gum is working to whiten teeth, but too often chew gum it will erode the power of your teeth. Because gum will cause thinning of the walls of the teeth, although the effect your teeth look whiter.

7. Brush your teeth regularly

Additionally examine in brushing your teeth. Too often forget to brush your teeth will increase the acidity in the mouth and fragile teeth. As a result, the plaque is easily formed and cause sensitive teeth.

If tooth sensitivity is too severe, you should contact your dentist. Doctors will take action in accordance with the conditions you have sensitive teeth. Bonding will likely be treated to restore protection to teeth that have been eroded. Then Dentin Seales to protect your teeth, Fluoride which serves to coat the already exposed tooth roots, and root canal treatment to deal with the sensitivity of the pulp. With this you can take what actions you need to do to solve or treat sensitive teeth due to tooth ache.

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