7 Types of Online Business Most Popular In Indonesia

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7 Types of Online Business Most Popular In Indonesia1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing / reseller is an internet business in a way other people sell products on the internet, then from every sale that happens, then we will earn commission from the sale. Usually the commission system to yield 50%: 50% or 30%: 70%.

For example, for products worth 100,000, the commission was 50,000 (commissions 50:50). But there are also advertisers who want to give bigger commissions for the affiliate as 70% and 30% for advertisernya.

2. PPC (Pay Per Click) Publisher

Almost all online businesses to follow the program, as it is very easy and simple. PPC (Pay Per Click) is a program where we will pay if a user clicks on ads on your website or blog. Commission granted varies, for example, was paid $ 0.01 up to $ 20 per click or even more. There are a lot of broker PPC on the internet, the most famous example is Google Adsense and others such as AdBrite, AdEngage, Adster, AdToll, BidVertiser, Etology, ExoClick, Kontera, Miva, Oxado, WidgetBucks etc.. While the local PPC include kliksaya, kumpulblogger, ppcindo, adspeedy, AdsenseCamp, and so forth.

3. PTR (Paid To Review)

Paid to review is the one source to earn money online with our blogging activities. How are we to review or write an article about the product of the advertiser / advertiser. There are a lot of broker PTR on the internet for example, SponsoredReviews, Smorty, buyblogreviews, LinkWorth, Blogvertise, etc.. In Indonesia, as well as local PTR and

4. Creating Your Own Product (Creating Own Product)

For those of you who have more ability in a particular field, it is better to make your own product to sell ideas or expertise is packaged in digital products like ebooks, software, and video training. By having your own product means profits higher. You can learn to make your own product to find Ideas For Sale on the Internet here.

5. Paid Membership System (Membership System)

If you have a particular skill, you can make the course Learning Online as Anne Ahira who founded, or Coza Aranda with her, or making paid forum. The advantage gained from monthly dues members. Other paid membership system is making Paid Classified Ad Sites, where you will be paid if there are advertisers who want to advertise on the site advertisements. Or you can also provide advertising space on your blog and then offer people to put ads there.

6. Park the Domain (Domain Parking)

Domain Parking? Well same time with car parking, which is not used. You can use an empty domain or you accidentally buy some empty domain for parking. Domain blank can be filled with advertisements so you will get revenue from those ads. Or you can register your domain blank to advertise on

7. Online Shop / Online Store

If you have an offline business, such as selling electronic goods, selling clothes, antiques, selling cd or whatever it is, you can sell your merchandise on the Internet to create an online store. In it you can show pictures of the product and its price is like a catalog. Currently, many online stores available on the internet. If you do not have a product, you can work with the seller of goods or friends who have a specific business to be promoted on the internet by sharing system.

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