7 Types of Style Pool

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1. Freestyle

7 Types of Style PoolFreestyle swim with the position of the chest is facing the surface of the water. Both hands are alternately moved far ahead with the pedaling motion, while both feet alternately dicambukkan fluctuates up and down. When swimming freestyle, positioning her face to the surface of the water.

Respiratory done when the arm is moved out of the water, when the body becomes tilted and head turned to the side. When taking a breath, swimmers can choose to turn left or right. Compared to other swimming styles, freestyle is a swim style that can make the body go faster in the water.

Free style is a style that is not tied to certain basic techniques. Freestyle performed with a wide range of movement in swimming that can make swimmers can go in the water. So the movement in freestyle can be used by several people, either already trained or the beginner.

2. Style Chest / Style Frog

Style Chest / Style Frog
Breaststroke swimming style is most popular for recreational swimming. Stable body position and head can be out of water for a long time. Breaststroke or frog (frog style) is swimming with chest position facing the surface of the water, but it is different from freestyle torso always be fixed. Both legs kicking outwards while both hands straightened out in front.

Both open hands to the side as the movement of the body through the water in order to advance more quickly in the future. Body movements mimic the movements of the frog was swimming so called frog style. Respiratory done when the mouth is in the water, after a one-time gesture-foot or two-foot hand movements. In swimming lessons, beginners learn the breaststroke swimmer or freestyle. Among the three official numbers are regulated pool International Swimming Federation, swimmers breaststroke is the slowest swimmer.

3. Style Squad

Style SquadWhen swimming backstroke, swim with the spine facing the surface of the water. The position of the face is in the water so it's easy to take a breath.

However, swimmers can only see the top and can not look ahead. During a race, swimmers poolside wall estimated by counting the number of movements.

In the backstroke, arm and leg movements similar to freestyle, but with the supine body position in the water. Both hands are alternately driven into waist like pedaling motion. His mouth and nose were so easy to take out of the water or breathe with their mouth or nose.

During a race, the start is different from the attitude of freestyle swimmer, breaststroke, and butterfly were all done on the block start, the swimmer doing the backstroke start of the pond. Swimmers facing pool wall with both hands holding an iron grip. Both knees bent between both arms, while both feet resting on the wall of the pool. Backstroke is swimming style that has been known since ancient times. First time diperlombakan in 1900 Paris Olympics, swimming the backstroke is the oldest style diperlombakan after freestyle

4. Butterfly

Butterfly or dolphin style is one of style swim with chest position overlooking the water. Both arms simultaneously pressed down and moved to the outside before swinging forward.

While both legs simultaneously kicking down and up like a fish fin movements or dolphins. Forcefully exhaled air from the mouth and nose before the head emerges from the water, and the air inhaled through the mouth when the head is out of water.

Butterfly was created in 1933, and is the most recent swim styles. Unlike other styles of swimming, swimmers learn beginner butterfly needs more time to study the coordination of the movement of the hands and feet.

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