7 Ways Resert Forgot Password

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7 Cara Resert Password yang LupaAnyone can forget the password, not even my friend and me of course. What would you do if you lose or forget your Windows 7 password? Will reinstalling windows Sobat, which would certainly require substantial time?

In this discussion I will be sharing a tutorial that refers to the password reset windows 7 user account with the help of Windows Password Reset Disk. In this case, of course, my friend had already had a windows password reset disk that the weave is discussed in How to create a Password Reset Disk for Windows 7.

After absolutely sure that you have forgotten the password windows 7, then it's time to try to reset password windows 7, and of course, praying that the password reset process can proceed smoothly.

1. Insert Disk

The first step, my friend had inserted a disc (or USB stick) into the relevant drive and then follow the steps as follows:

After you type the wrong password, the message will appear informing you that your User name or Password incorrect. At this point, click the OK button to take you back to the log on screen

2. See Windows Back

After my friend returned to the Windows Log On screen look just below the Password dialog box, and my friend will see the option Reset Password, click the menu to start the process of resetting.

Windows Log On will display the option Reset Password

3. Password Reset

After clicking on the option Password Reset Password Reset Wizard will open. Password Reset Wizard

4. Click Next

Click the Next button in the Password Reset Wizard window, then please input media use during this buddy to keep your password reset.

Then press the Next button

5. Enter a Password Reset

Enter a Password Reset Disk (if not already included in the previous buddy on stage), and then select the drive from the drop-down list, buddy now presented with a User Account Password Reset screen.

6. Type a New Password

Type the new password you want to use my friend, and then type again to confirm passowrd buddy. Furthermore, an additional type of information as a password hint, and then click the Next button. The next screen will pop up screen wizard password. This display serves to tell that Buddy has successfully created a password reset windows 7.

7. Click the Finish button

Finally, click the Finish button. Buddy now be taken back to the log in screen where Buddy Buddy can type in a new password and gain access to the Buddy system.

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