7 Ways to Accelerate Powerful Computer

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7 Ways to Accelerate Powerful Computer
When Buddy started slow computer at work to serve you, then surely the boredom that will be obtained. In addition to clear pending work, boredom is also a slow computer accompanying issue very saturated. Here I will share a little about how easy, powerful and practical in speeding up computer performance windows buddy. Version of Windows that I will discuss here the global nature, so it can be applied practically in all versions of windows.

Formerly, need to know that buddy slowing computer performance windows caused by several factors, factors both hardware and software factors. Here I will discuss is caused by factors software. Some of the causes may not be so influential on a windows computer performance, but other factors may greatly influence it.

Here are 7 Ways to Accelerate Powerful Computer

1. Clean Deskop

Clean up the desktop of many useless icon. The less icons are displayed on the computer will alleviate the performance of the computer.

2. Scan Hard Drive

Scan the hard drive using windows default scan tools. It aims to identify and repair the hard drive and the files that were damaged by software. Scan disk can do regularly Buddies 1 month (not too often, because it can damage the hard disk will Sobat)

3. Defrag Harddiks

Defrag hard buddy, especially after pal copy, install or uninstall software in large sizes. Defrag is working to restructure the location of the file on the hard drive to be accessed more quickly.

4. Disable Virtual Her memory

If my friend uses main memory (RAM) is great, just disable virtual memory facilities, this will obviously be devastating for my friend who likes to open a lot of programs simultaneously.

5. Change Style to Classic mode

Change style windows to classic mode. With a classic look, buddy computer performance will go up, because the energy that is used to set the display can be allocated to the other.

6. Remove Programs and Empty Hard Drive

Remove unnecessary programs through the add or remove programs (via the control panel, do not delete files through the program) Clear the hard drive of files that are not so necessary. Try hard Buddies has free space equal to 10% of the total capacity of the hard drive buddy. To speed up loading windows, Buddy can disable some programs that dirunning automatically when the computer is turned on. Leave alone realtime protector of antivirus.

7. Use System Cleaner

Use a registry cleaner software to remove the registry is not valid anymore.

By Buddy doing the 7 things above, it can be ascertained buddy will increase your computer's performance, at least you'll feel the difference. But if you still feel the computer remains slow, yes .. buy new ones.

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