7 Ways to Create a Professional Blog

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7 Ways to Create a Professional Blog
1. Do check the blog

Check your blog to ensure that the blog can be published anywhere. Such checks in different browsers, OS, phone, and some kind of internet speed. Make sure if your blog loaded perfectly in all flatform. Blogs I have my check in Mozilla Firefox, IE8, IE9, Google Chrome, Opera, Opera Mini, Safari, various cafes, MacOS, and various smartphones.

2. Choosing the right color for blog

Customize the colors to the theme of your blog. For example, the green color is more appropriate for green themed blog or ornamental plants. The black color is more appropriate for a blog about crack or hacking. But, do not use colors that are too flashy and make writing difficult to read. It makes your readers away due to illness his eyes when he saw your blog.

3. Rule install widget

Install the widget in order to enhance your blog is very nice. But you should install as needed so as not even a 'backfire' as your blog becomes even harder to load and visitors to be afraid. One is the time widget, counter the number of visitors, widget streaming songs, and IP tracking visitors. Do not also put the widget that has nothing to do with the theme of your blog. Install the widget to fit your needs and your blog readers.

4. Do not just copy and paste

Actually, one should not anyway if you know Copas ethics as including the source and fix the errors in the article. Usually people are forced to copy and paste because it does not have the idea to create a new article.

5. Check the dead link

Links are damaged or can not be opened very unpopular readers and search engines. Therefore, check all the links on a regular basis. There are many tools that can do this. You can find this tool on Google.

6. Do not be isolated

Do not let one article on your blog an isolated or hard to find. It was made worse reputation in the eyes of search engines. Make them affordable by making Sitemap (Table of Contents) or create a widget Related Post (Related Articles).

7. Routine updates

Quality blog article is a blog that is updated regularly. Yes updated at least once a week. Search engines and loyal customers of your blog would love it if you are diligent update.Seperti blog this blog is always updated daily with interesting articles favored visitors.

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