7 Ways to Increase Blog Visitors

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7 Ways to Increase Blog Visitors
If you want a successful business on the internet, one of the conditions is to have a site or blog that has a lot of visitors (high traffic). With the number of visitor traffic, your chances for greater success.

Here are 7 Ways to Improve and Increase Your Blog Visitors

1. Use a domain name that is easy to remember

If you want to increase traffic, try to have your own domain name. If you want your site or blog with great success, then the first thing you notice is your name. Same with if you want to be a celebrity, your name should be easy to remember.

2. Diligent update post

One of the most important tips to increase traffic to your blog is to write often. People will be happy to visit your blog if they always get a new article, which is fresh, fresh. They will not like it, even disappointed, if it comes to your blog and just offered the old articles. It was probably like stale fish offered. So if you want your site to have loyal readers, who regularly visited, frequently update your blog. My advice, should be at least 2-3 days there is a new article. Or, if you can every day even nicer.

3. Frequently commented

To get traffic to your blog, one of the other ways that can be used is often commented on another blog. By the time you write a comment on another blog, of course you will be asked for the URL (address) of the site / blog, is not it? Well, from where traffic is coming. Make sure you include your blog URL correctly, or the URL of the blog post you want to promote it properly. I personally think that this effect is small, but worth a try.

4. Use Feedburner

To increase traffic to your blog, any other tips you can do is to utilize the services of Take advantage of free services to increase the number of RSS reader of your blog, or even to facilitate the readers who want to enjoy your blog via email. I myself use Feedburner to, and the results for every post I could get tens or even hundreds of readers in an instant (and free).

5. Submit your article to Social Bookmark

Do not underestimate the power of viral marketing! Submit your articles to various social bookmarking services such as, or or to increase your traffic. Whenever anyone done searching a topic corresponding to the articles you submit to these sites, you have the opportunity to get an extra visitor traffic is free.

6. SEO Optimization

Get many more free traffic from SEO! Learn SEO (not described in this article) and apply it to your blog / site, and even for the pages on your site / blog. Traffic from SEO is highly qualified and targetted, and 100% free. My own experience, for some domains I have, I can produce about 300-400 visitors per day for free just by relying on SEO alone. Free traffic, free money. So do not waste it.

7. Exchanging links

Exchanging links even looks old-fashioned, but I proved myself that this is very effective. My blogs can get several tens (not hundreds) of new visitors a day just from the many exchange links with other blogs. If you are really serious business, do not waste a single visitor. For who knows a visitor you consider "frivolous" (not significant) is actually visitors to "take the money" for you. Never underestimate the little things.

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