7 Ways to Naturally Treat Eye Disease Panda

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7 Ways to Naturally Treat Eye Disease Panda
Panda eyes or dark circles on the eye disorder is one of the skin around the eyes from lack of sleep so the face looks dull and tired and can cause skin to become thin.

This will obviously interfere with your appearance. Using a foundation to disguise dark circles eyes (panda eyes) is not the best solution, because it can interfere with breathing skin. So, the best way to treat panda eyes right course with the use of herbs for herbal ingredients proven to overcome the problem of eye disease panda.

In addition to lack of sleep, dark circles under the eyes (panda eyes) can also be caused by an unhealthy lifestyle and hereditary factors. The emergence of panda eye disease often makes us less confident, especially if we are always charged with activities that are in public spaces and a lot of people around us.

To solve this problem, you can try the 7 natural ways to treat panda eyes following:

1. Drinking Water

Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water a day and a night's sleep at least 8 hours is the most practical way to prevent and treat panda eyes.

2. Potato and Cucumber juice

Use a mixture of fresh potato and cucumber juice with the same ratio then mashed with a mixer by adding water. This herb is used as a topical ingredient on your panda eyes and leave for 20 minutes before cleaning.

3. Vitamin E

Apply vitamin E around the panda eyes by softening a few grains of topical vitamin E as an ingredient.

4. Use Almond Oil

Put hot and cold clothes under the eyes for 10 minutes. Apply a little almond oil on the dark surface before going to bed. Try also akupressur to the eye. Use your index finger and press on the eye area dark.

5. Cucumber Fruit

Place the cucumber slices on the eyes swollen and black. The cold of the cucumber can reduce swelling and prevent discoloration of the skin around your eyes.

6. Wrap Bags Tea Bags

Take advantage of the former pack tea bags to improve skin tone and reduce eye swelling. Place the tea bags hot ex recently used and let stand for 10 minutes as a compress.

7. Potato

Use sliced ​​potatoes that have been cooled to refrigerator then put on your panda eye disease for 20 minutes. Do it 2-3 times a day to get maximum results.

So how to treat panda eyes or dark circles is easy on the eyes, it's just that sometimes the panda eyes are considered trivial because it does not cause pain. Try using one of the above ingredients may be the best way to overcome your panda eye disorders. Improving the quality of sleep during their treatment period will facilitate in getting rid of dark circles on your eyes quickly.

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Elvia R

With these natural ways i used dermalmd natural skin care serum it's smooth serum that feels cooling and hydrating on the dark circles under my eyes. I did feel like the instructions for a pea-sized amount might be a little too much product as it took quite a bit of time to rub that amount in so I would use possibly half that amount.


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