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Ade Rai was born with a full name, I Gusti Agung Rai Kusuma Yudha. She was born in Jakarta on May 6, 1970. He was a bodybuilder Indonesia. Men's bloody Bali won several national and international achievements during his career as a bodybuilder. At first Ade Rai grew up a skinny kid with a great interest in various sports activities. At the age of 10 years, Ade Rai is small only weighing 25 kg. Even to reach such heights today (183 cm) in their teens, Ade Rai has a thin figure with weight only 55 kg.

Initially Ade Rai had to wrestle the sport of badminton but it destiny took her to the world of bodybuilding. He stopped wrestle badminton sport in 1987 because of busy school. Ade Rai Lecture in the Department of International Relations at the University of Indonesia and 1995, FISIP graduates majoring in International Relations, University of Indonesia's achievement of the first International Mr.Asia. With the advancement of the athletic body, Ade Rai decided to follow the championships. Start of the championship in a small scope, then national and finally international. A myriad of achievements have been achieved, including the National Champion that he won in a row 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998 and 1999; Mr. ASIA 1995 and 1998; Asian Pro-Am Classic Winner 1996; Musclemania Overall Winner 1996; Life Time Drug Body Builder .
Biography of Ade Rai - Bodybuilders Indonesia
With good preparation, Ade Rai worked out as Musclemania World champion in its class (Heavy Light) and the overall winner (Overall). With this victory the capital and the national championship, Ade Rai is believed to follow the multi-event competition of Southeast Asia (SEA Games) in 1997, where he won the event and donated the first prize gold medal for Indonesia. In 1998, Ade Rai Indonesia to the event's return represents Mr.Asia Pro / Am Classic and won there. Year 2000 is the last year playing in ajangbinaraga Ade Rai International. Two World Champion title-Superbody Professional and

Musclemania Professional, achieved in the same year
Bodybuilding sport seems to have penetrated the hearts of men bloody Bali. Ade Rai tried to raise the prestige of the sport in the public eye. Every time he has, he is a time to promote this sport. Either through seminars or campus activities, such as the match between student and student. Ade Rai is also a Sports Party held annually and attended by bodybuilders from all over the country. Through sport center 'Club Ade Rai', Ade Rai provides a means for those who want to be healthy and fit through exercise. (IMH)

After retiring as an athlete, Ade Rai became active in the business world by opening a gym franchise, sales of supplements and institutional certification training program for professionals in the field of fitness. Ade Rai is also actively campaigned for a healthy lifestyle through fitness by publishing books and magazines as well as various talk shows on radio and television.

Diet Tips Ade Rai, As someone who managed diet, Ade Rai got some tips that often it for, among other things
    • Menomorsatukan fibrous dish (vegetables, fruit) before taking another dish
    • Drink plenty of water, avoid high sugared drinks.
    • Do not consume kabohidrat dish (rice, rice cake, diamond) along with a source of fat (coconut milk, chicken skin, beef fat).
    • Leave a gap for a few hours sleep after eating.
    • Diet does not mean cutting back on food, and increased activity, but still eat a normal portion is only a reduced number kabohidrat.

    Some accomplishments ever achieved include
    • IFBB Indonesian National Championships, 1st Heavyweight & Overall, Best Bodybuilder (1994, 1996, 1997, 1999, 2000, 2002, 2007)
    • ABBF / IFBB Mr. Asia (1995 & 1998) & Mr.ASEAN (1995)
    • IFBB SEA Games Gold Medal (1997)
    • MUSCLEMANIA WORLD, 1st Light Heavyweight and Overall Winner (1996)
    • Superbody WORLD PROFESSIONAL, Overall Winner (2000)

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