Angel Island is an alluring charm

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Angel Island is an alluring charm
Fairy Island is a tourist destination for people in Jakarta and surrounding areas, in addition to the island of a thousand other choices like the island tidung, scout the island, and other islands.

Fairy Island is a favorite because the island has a variety of beautiful beaches and baharinya. The island has historic relics from the Dutch colonial era, such as forts and lighthouses that are hundreds of years old. The distance is quite close to Jakarta, making people can spend a whole day playing here. It took 30 minutes from Marina Ancol beach using a speedboat to get to Angel Island.

Arriving on the island nymph you can enjoy the cool sea breeze and were greeted with beautiful white sand and crystal clear sea water. Fairy Island resort is a bit different from the other thousand island resort. The resort is located on the sea here also called floating resort. Resortnya a stagy as a fishing village. In addition, they also have a resort on the mainland.

Buati you who like water sports, there are a variety of options such as banana boat, jetski, canoe or sea kayak and a number of other activities such as fishing and swimming at the beach depending on which you prefer.

Fairy Island Resort also has a seafood restaurant with a seafood menu with the main raw material obtained from the fishermen in a fresh condition. Angel island could be the right choice to spend the holidays with friends and family.

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