Arowana Fish Care Tips

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Arowana Fish Care Tips
Arowana fish is good and fascinating to be filling your living room. In addition, it has become the style and prestige for the owner. This is because the price is enough to drain the contents of your bag. For those of you who want to keep arowana fish, there are some things that must be considered in order to stay healthy arowana, which means no stress and well-developed:

- Adjust the size of aquarium fish arowana dengun size, the larger the size of the aquarium, the better. Ideally sized aquarium fish 3 times the length and width of approximately 1. 5 times the length of the fish.

- Place the aquarium in place yag avoid passing too much or activities, so that the fish do not stress.

- Check the temperature of the aquarium, ideally for arowana fish is 26-30 ° C. Improper temperatures can make fish sick and other problems.

- To ph water must also be considered, ideally is about 6 to 8.5 ph. If less tambahakan lime into the water.

-For arowana fish feed, you can give the crickets, frogs, centipedes and other small animals. Can 2 times a day to measure 35cm upwards. Avoid eating too many members, because it can cause the fish to become fat and lazy to move, but it also makes dirty aquarium.

- For the removal of fish and water replacement should be done with caution. There are 2 methods of water turnover. Once the 2 days with a percentage of 10% of the aquarium water, or it could be the whole time once in 3 months.

- If you use water from PAM. Should be left on for 24 hours so that the chlorine content of sediment, and then it could be put into the aquarium.

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