Art Craft Wood Batik from Yogyakarta

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Art Craft Wood Batik from Yogyakarta

Creativity Indonesian people do is endless, even the usual art of batik on cloth, can be applied to wood, glass and ceramics. This woodcraft gained appreciation from the local and international community, especially the batik wood crafts. Wooden craft can be shaped trays, ashtrays, masks, statues and wall hangings.

It is also supported by a number of sources of raw materials and the skill of the craftsman. Producing areas have wooden craft area Krebet Village, Yogyakarta. This area is located 15km from the city of Yogyakarta. Wooden batik art is a skill the surrounding community.

The results of this wood Craft later sold as souvenirs for tourists visiting Yogyakarta area. For the manufacturing process. they use the traditional ways that produce distinctive work and naturalist. They also market by opening a showroom or exhibit other SMEs participate. In addition, they also use the system entrusted goods at the counter and shopping malls in Yogyakarta. Their work is also marketed to overseas customers and have a fixed

For those of you who visit Yogyakarta, this craft can be a gift that is quite memorable to decorate your home.

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