Burger Heaviest And Biggest In The World

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Burger Heaviest And Biggest In The World
How big is the usual burgers you must eat a small enough size, but what happens if there is a burger weighed 1 ton will surely be excited and broke the world record.

A world's biggest burger weigh up to 1 ton break the world record, world's heaviest burger was made at a casino in Minnesota, USA. Burger 1 ton has a diameter with a length of three meters is presented in Black Bear Casino Resort.

Philip Robertson declared representatives of the Guinness Record burgers made at Black Bear Casino is one of the world's heaviest burger today and deserves the title of Guinness Word Records as the world's heaviest burger. Burger giant who holds the world record previously was weighing 400 pounds.

Burger toughest in the World is made of 27 pounds of meat, 23 pounds of lettuce, 23 pounds of sliced ​​onions, 18 pounds of pickles and 40 18 pounds of cheese, and made ​​for 4 hours to cook.

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