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Capitalism or Kapital is a notion that believe that the owners of capital can make an effort to achieve maximum profit. By this principle, the government can not intervene in the market to the benefit of all, but government intervention made massive profit private interests.

However, capitalism actually has no universal definition that can be widely accepted. Some experts define capitalism as a system that went into effect in Europe in the 16th century until the 19th century, ie during the development of the European commercial banking, in which an individual or group can act as a specific entity that can own or trade possessions personally, especially capital goods, such as land and people to the process of change of capital goods to finished goods. To get these capitals, the capitalists have to obtain raw materials and machinery first, machine operators and laborers as well as to get more value from the raw materials.

Capitalism has a long history, that since the introduction of the system of commerce that undertaken by private parties. In Europe, it is known as the guild as a forerunner to capitalism. Today, capitalism is not only seen as a way of life that wants profit. Consolidation capitalism to socialism without any alteration to make capitalism more lenient than two or three centuries ago.

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