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Many ways you can do to make yourself stay healthy and look beautiful, by maintaining physical health, mental health, and body treatment regularly and correctly. Traditional body treatments can be done by performing daily maintenance, weekly maintenance and special care, which has many functions and benefits that are well maintained to keep the body health and beauty.

Daily treatment is to bathe every day, which is used to cleanse the body of all the dirt and dust. Weekly maintenance can be done by doing massage (massage), body scrubs and bath (bath spices). Massage works to mempelancar blood circulation and soften the skin. Treatment with body scrub is used to cleanse the skin and relieve itching, bath (shower spices) can give a fresh taste and removes odor. Special care is to do breast care and specialty areas femininity, serves to maintain breast health and the special femininity.

In line with the development of the world of beauty, how to perform body treatments not only be done by yourself. Currently, body treatments, both traditional and modern
to do in the Beauty Salon. The beauty salon is available in a variety of specialized tools for body and skin care have a purpose in accordance with the functions and benefits of each.

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