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Pesticides and chemical elements are composed of no less than 105 elements. But that is often used as an element of pesticides is 21 elements. Elements or atoms are more often used is carbon, hydrogen, oxigen, nitrogen, phosphorus, chlorine, and sulfur. While coming from a metal or metal spring is ferum, cuprum, mercury, zinc and arsenic.

1. Each pesticide pesticide properties have different properties. Properties of pesticides are often found is the power, toxicity, empirical formula, formula-up, formulation, molecular weight and boiling point.

2. Tata Knowledge pesticide Pesticides name also includes the structure and mode of administration known by the name or nomenclature.

3. How Pesticides Work
Pesticides contacts, means having the power to kill after the body remains exposed to the target. Fumigant pesticide, means having the power to kill after the target's body exposed to vapors or gases Systemic pesticide, meaning it can be transported to different parts of plants through a network. Pests will die if sucking plant fluids. Pesticides stomach, means having the power to kill after consuming pesticide target body.

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