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Do not say you love and care about education in Indonesia if you have not read this story. Stories and experiences about the DR Rhenald Kasali education. Here's the complete story about the experience of DR Rhenald Kasali education.

Fifteen years ago I had complained to a teacher in a school where my children study in the United States.

The problem, essays written in English that my son roughing it had been rated E (excellence) which means perfect, great, great. Though he had just arrived in America and just starting to learn the language. Essay he wrote the day before had been pointed out to me and I worry about the limited verbal abilities. I think the writing was bad, the logic is very simple.

I asked him to fix the back, until he gave up. Apparently essay that is submitted to the teacher and my child is not given a bad score, even praised. What is it? What is not wrong to give value? Is not education requires sincerity? If this alone is given a high value, I'm afraid my son quickly complacency. When I protested, the teacher who accepts me just ask away. "Sorry Dad from?" "From Indonesia," I replied. He smiled.

Punishing Culture

The meeting was a turning point in my life. That is the moment that changed my way of educating and building community.

"I understand," said the teacher, whose face began to frown, but it's still sympathetic. "Several times I met the father-mother of Indonesia whose children were educated here," he continued. "In your country, teachers are very hard to rate. Educate our philosophy here is not to punish, but rather to encourage people to come forward. Encouragement!" He went on his argument.

"I have 20 years of teaching. Every child is different. However for that big boy, newly arrived from countries whose native language is not English, I can guarantee, this is a great work," he pointed to a bouquet of English that made my son . From the discussion I learned a valuable lesson. We can not measure the achievements of others according to our size.

I remember how easy I completed my study wallowing "A", from the masters to the doctoral program. While in Indonesia, I have to complete a somersault study identified threats drop out and the testers are ready to pounce. When I was a doctoral exam can be passed over lightly.

They are very serious questions and made me to be completely ready. However, the test atmosphere is very friendly. A testers and testers asked others not involved pressing, but also make the way so they know the answer. They showed charts that I made and explain bright-bright so that we increasingly understand. Full Exam praises, asking particulars future and discuss full disclosure deficiencies. On his return to the country, a lot of things I frequently witnessed otherwise. The teachers not help each other, even come to "swallow" the students who sat on the bench test.

When someone testers or promoters defend or straighten questions, testers angry, offended, and spread the word odor as if goodness is there behind the rock shrimp. I had an incredible experience frustration witnessed how the lecturers test, which sorry, in my very inhumane. They are not doing encouragement, but discouragement. The result was predictable, low graduation and that was failed too formidable quality is not correct. People who are depressed it turns out later I found also test by pressing.

There was a kind of revenge and suspicion. I remember very well how teachers in the United States promoting his protege. I think the kids deserve to be there able to be a writer scholarly works great, even a Nobel Prize winner. Not because they have teachers who are academically smart, but very strong character: a character build, not destroy.

Back to my child's experience at the top, the teacher reminded me.
"Let us not measure the quality of our children with the skills we are already far ahead," he said with sincerity. I also remember the kids report cards written in America in verbal form.

Indonesian children newly arrived general difficulty, but he obtained no red rated, but given a sentence that prompted him to work harder, as follows. "Sarah has started with heavy, he tried earnestly. Yet Sarah has shown significant progress." That night I went to my son who was sleeping and kissed his forehead. I want to hug him in the middle of giving a sense of false judgments are not objective.

He never complained when you receive the value of E, which means excellent (perfect), but I say "false teacher". Now I see it with a different lens.

Birthing Greatness

Can we scored great people by creating barriers and fear? It is not impossible that we are the generation that is formed by a million threats: clasp, rattan beater, hand ringed agate, chalk and eraser posed aloud by the teacher, cigarette burns, and so on. We grew up with a thousand words of threat: Watch ...; Then, ...; Later, ..., and of course the bright red writing on paper exams and report cards in school.

Schools that make us uncomfortable might have made us become more disciplined. But on the other hand, he can also turn off the initiative and relax the spirit. New findings in brain science had shown the human brain is not static, but can be pursed (shrink) or conversely, can grow. All of it depends on the threat or support (encouragement) is obtained from the people around him. Thus human intelligence can grow, contrary to decline. As I always say, there are smart people and there are people who are less smart or stupid. But there is also the added smart and there are more stupid people.

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