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Many ways to judge a person's personality. If you're still in the stage of "PeDeKaTe", it's good to know what the favorite foods prospective boyfriend. From there, you can find out what her true nature. Based on a survey Baxters against England and Scotland, recently, it is known that people who love to eat carrots generally have compassion and broad-minded. Unfortunately, people like to consume this type of vegetables, and also known to have an extrovert attitude and bossy style.

If he loved to eat fried chicken, chicken soup and other dishes opor of chickens, then he is the type of person who always be realistic and candid. He tends to think logically and rarely involve feelings in view of a case. You should feel happy when she turns loved to eat mushrooms, any kind. People like this, the survey says, has a relatively high level of fidelity. The proof, 92% of Britons and Scots hoobi consume mushrooms are proven true.

If he loved to eat noodles, instant and processed, especially noodles chicken flavor, he included an independent person. It could be, in fact, most of the children boarding, especially students, was fond of eating noodles. People who like to eat minestrone, a type of noodle soup with small pieces, he is very perfectionist.
Meanwhile, people who love to be tomatoes, he has a brave nature and high spirits. But some argue that people who love to eat tomato soup turned out to be easily seduced seduction. Try to remember, he likes to eat, huh?

BE THE Assertive

Simply put, assertiveness is a personality trait interpersonal where people who have it able to express their opinions, ideas, kekritisannya, feelings in ways that do not hurt other people. For more details, here are the differences between the behavior of aggressive, assertive and non-assertive.

Aggression means you:

Maintaining your own right to violate the rights of others.
Ignoring and rejecting beliefs, opinions, feelings, desires, emotions, attitudes, data, information or involvement of others.
Expressing or demanding attention to the opinions, needs or feelings in a way that is not appropriate.

Assertive means you:

Maintaining its own right but it is not to ignore or threaten the rights of others.
Involves the feelings and beliefs of others as part of the interaction with them.
Expressing feelings and self confidence in an open, direct, honest and appropriate.

Non-assertive means you:

Ignoring the rights themselves, failing to defend yourself, and let others ignore the rights themselves.
Forgiveness or 'extinguish' ideas, feelings, attitudes, beliefs or information themselves.
Shy away from expressing their feelings or needs themselves in a situation where you just expect for it.

Effective assertive involves what is called 'I messages' that you are solely responsible for your feelings - you state your reaction than what other people do. For example: instead of saying, 'How dare you interrupt me ...', an assertive will say, 'I feel annoyed when you interrupted me ...'

Positive consequences:

Making it easier to give and receive compliments. Rights is appreciated because you also respect the rights of others.
May shy away from people who want relief from your nonsense.
Can overcome and prevent minor disturbances to be conflict.
Being someone who plays in a freshly independent, time and mind your own.
Be yourself, believe in the face of others.

Negative consequences:

Assertive person's life does not always run smoothly.
Often seen as a rude or impolite.
How do we express our opinions may be encouraging others to do something.

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