Fruit Cempedak and Benefits

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Fruit Cempedak and Benefits
Cempedak fruit, fruit is said to be very good for eye health and can cope with these tumors, has a sweet taste and fragrance like Fruit Jackfruit, despite strong aroma often pierced like Durian fruit.

Fruit Cempedak better known by the public as Cempedak or campedak, this fruit has a local name: Kuhl (Cempedak forest / wild shapes, Malaysia), Baroh (Kepmendagri Linga and Johor), jackfruit beurit (Sunda), Nongko cino (Java), tiwadak (Banjar) and others.

Utilization of Fruit Cempedak

Benefits of Cempedak them to be consumed as processed foods and used to treat several diseases.

Meat fruit is usually eaten fresh. However, some are fried like a banana or process into compote by adding coconut milk and sugar. The fruit is delicious when ripe.

Skin Cempedak also often consumed by people of Banjar, South Kalimantan, known as mandai. Before processing, the local people peel the outer skin so that it looks white, then clean it.

Once the skin is first soaked in salt water for 2-3 days, to become soft and fermented and then fried. Mandai resembles fried banana fritters, even when bitten flesh tastes like biting strokes, creating a distinctive savory taste.

Young leaves Cempedak also widely used as a vegetable. Delicious fruit seeds eaten after being processed, fried, or boiled like jackfruit seeds. In Malaysia, the roots are used as a mixture of traditional herbal medicine for women who just gave birth.

Cempedak help nourish the eyes, considering the amount of vitamin A is quite high, at about 200 SI per 100 grams. Vitamin A plays a role in keeping the cornea to keep it healthy.

Contains vitamin C higher than the jackfruit, and contains dietary fiber (dietry fiber) is high enough to help maintain digestive health and reduce the number of cholesterol in the blood. K

Cempedak bark also contains components that can help prevent tumors and malaria. And the main compound heteriflavon C to eliminate the parasite that causes malaria to 100 percent.

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