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Fungicides are pesticides that specifically kill or inhibit fungi that cause disease. Fungicides can be liquid (most commonly used), gas, grains, and powders. 

 The company producing the seed usually use a fungicide on seeds, bulbs, roots transplants, propagatif and other organs, in order to kill the fungus on the material to be planted and to protect young plants from fungal pathogens.

In addition, the use of fungicides can be used via trunk injection, spray liquid directly, and in the form of fumigant (gaseous sprayed ). fungicides can be classified into two categories, namely fungicides selective (fungicide sulfur, copper, quinone, heterocyclic) and non-selective (fungicide aromatic hydrocarbons, anti-oomycota, oxathiin, organophosphates, fungicides which inhibit sterol synthesis, as well as systemic fungicides other). 

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