Gold coins

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One form of the South African Krugerrand gold coins 5 grams gold coin certified PT Aneka UBPP Precious Metals Mining, Indonesia

Gold is also traded in the form of gold coins, like the Krugerrand produced by the South African Mint Company in a variety of unit weight. Unit weight is commonly encountered Krugerrand 1/10 oz (ounces), 1/4 oz, 1/2 oz and 1 oz. Krugerrand coin prices based on the price movement of gold in world commodity markets are moving steadily along the trade. Special Krugerrand coins (or so-called proof collector edition) is also produced in limited according to a particular theme. Due to limited production, often times the issue price of Krugerrand proof coins exceeds the price of the gold content of the coins depends on scarcity and condition of this particular coin. Issue a fairly popular and sought-after investors is the edition that contains the image of Nelson Mandela.

There are some countries that mass produce gold coins to be offered as an alternative investment, among others:
1. Australia - kangaroo
2. China - panda
3. Malaysia - golden deer
4. Canada - maple leaf
5. UK - Britannia
6. United States - eagle and buffalo
7. South Africa - Krugerrand
8. New Zealand - Kiwi
9. Singapore - lion
10. Austria - philharmonic
11. Indonesia - Precious Metals

Precious Metals Business Unit is one of PT Antam which is the only business of refining gold and silver in Indonesia certified. Precious Metals has the recognition of the LBMA (London Bullion Market Association) and included in the Good Delivery List of Acceptable refiners of Gold Bars since January 1, 1999.

The price of gold

Some of today, gold prices declined in line with easing the debt crisis that wrapped around several European countries such as Greece and Italy. The price of gold bullion today is dated January 16, 2012 at a price of Rp. 480.000 an / gram. As an international reference price range is USD 1.640 per Troy Ounce. (1 USD = S $ 9.100 and 1 Troy Ounce = 31 103 grams)
Estimated 2012

Gold prices in the prediction will continue to rise in the absence of certainty when wrapped around the end of the debt crisis that European countries, and declining economies of 9-European union member states, so that the price of the stock exchanges in the world in a variety of crash. so many people who shift their funds to invest in gold.

Advantages and poverty

Today gold companies invaded parts of the earth are guided by a powerful guide: the World Bank. The World Bank, the major institutions that work to solve world poverty, assume that multinational mining companies would bring investment, encouraging the construction of roads, schools and jobs, to countries that do not have a lot of capital in addition to their natural resources.

The World Bank's work on both sides. At his urging, more than 100 governments that are having financial problems to agree to cut taxes and royalties to lure big mining companies, said James Otto, professor at the University of Denver law school.

Meanwhile, the World Bank gave money to or guarantee more than 30 gold mining project, for profit.

Although mine is just a small part of the portfolio of the World Bank, while accidents increased controversy was rife. In one of the worst disasters, in 1995 a mine in Guyana which is guaranteed by the World Bank spilling over 790,000 gallons of mine waste mixed with cyanide to children Essequibo River, which is the country's main water source.

In 2001, a World Bank president, James D. Wolfenshon, set a moratorium on mining investments for two years and ordered the preparation of a study on the World Bank's involvement in the industry.

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