How to Cook Kale Pelencing

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How to Cook Kale Pelencing
Recipes to cook Pelencing Watercress - Watercress, who did not know this one vegetable, green vegetables growing creeper besides delicious when cooked is also rich in vitamins, Watercress can be processed into various types of dishes such as Ca spinach, kale or pelencing thunderstorm kale. Here's one recipe I would like to cultivate watercress, kale is pelencing.

The ingredients to make pelencing kale is as follows:

3 bunch kale
10 tablespoons of cooking oil or butter may

Spices make pelencing kale recipe

5 pieces of red chilli
10 pieces of cayenne pepper
1 piece of lime
The shrimp paste ½ spoon
3 pieces of hazelnut
1 teaspoon salt

How to cook kale Pelencing difficult and arguably not very easy

Chopped kale wash thoroughly, boiled spinach in boiling water after wilted or cooked remove and drain. Sambal pelencing to Khasan got an own kale, I make it with roasted red pepper, walnut puree and paste and then add the oil and lemon juice purut.Campurkan spinach with herbs that have been crushed before, can be poured over spinach that has been rigged with decorative taste enhancer, more pedes and comfortable if somewhat sour taste.

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