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The domain name is one of the locks on the doors to enter the first google page 1 sequence, so it is very important for smart pick and choose a domain name blogspot which will we manage the business area.  If we do as we discussed in the discussion of how to make a good blogspot and how to do keyword research, then we can easily determine the blogspot domain name to us later. 

In the discussion of how keyword research has presented an example of keywords that have been researched, the article biology. To be able to sit on page 1 Google ranked first with keyword articles biology, we just booked a domain name or But maybe the names are already taken by someone else to be the domain name.

So what should we do? Already half dead doing keyword research and it turns out the domain name corresponding to the keywords have been taken by someone else. Not to worry, we just give a bit of variety with the domain name. For example, we could give a number, the dividing line so that we can take a domain name like this: or it could be Artikel_biologi.

What is a domain name like that we can win in the SERP? Maybe those of us who are familiar with the SERP SERP would have learned about if it is only in the form of algorithms that have certain rules in reading a page for the given position in the SERP. And the good news apparently google algorithm will read the domain name or we take the same position with So we stayed thinking or sign combinations of numbers to choose a domain name that should already owned by another person in accordance with our targeted keywords.

We can mengechek at one of the sites Admin SERP good article that uses variations of marks because researched keywords that have been taken by someone else. The site has a domain name with target keywords Physics Formulas.

But for keywords is not sitting on page 1 google for this blog yet old enough and rarely dioptimize because of busy Admin holy month of Ramadan yesterday.

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