How to Make a Good and Right Blogspot

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Creating a blog on blogspot is good and right requires knowing the basics about the blog especially for platrom bloggger often known blogspot. Before we discuss more about how to create a blogspot is good and right it is better if we first menentuan purpose of making blog. 

The purpose Make Blogspot
There are several reasons a person wants to learn to create a blogspot of them: 

Finding satisfaction by having a blog because almost everyone today has a blog.
With the times
Looking for extra income
Of the three reasons listed above, it may be that most people want to learn how to make a good blog and the third point is the true reason.

Secrets income blogspot blog has traffic is great. To get huge traffic required knowledge of SEO (Search Engine Optimize). SEO is basically the knowledge of how to be on google page 1 google for web search engine is the largest and most widely used around the world, including Indonesia.

The most basic SEO we need to know to create a blog that is good and true is the way keyword research for our blog name. Just when we want to build a company, so first we have to specify the name of the business and engaged in what? Then do the research if the name and business fields tersbut fit in place we will set up a business. Are the products we offer have many consumers.

Doing Keyword Research

Doing a keyword research can we benefit the facilities provided by Google, which Adword. Adword is a facility specially made by google as a material consideration when we want to advertise on the site google then known as google adsense. Good keywords are keywords that have a lot of searches and competitors are few. Look for keywords that quest about 1000 searches per month for the exact local searches and competitors mash the easy level. 

Determining Address Blog
After getting the appropriate keywords, it's time to determine the address of our blog. If we want to seriously I recommend to buy the domain. The price of a domain ranging from Rp. 89,000 we could have just a one-year timeframe. Customized blog address with the keyword research before us, it is intended that in the future we could be in page 1 google with that keyword.

So if we want to sort blogspot how to make a good and true as follows:

Determine the purpose of making blog
Doing keyword research
Determine your blog address or domain

We can mengecheck success of the above method by typing in goole Good article, it is a nice blog article will appear on page 1 google first order. Of course we all wish we were kesyangan blog page 1 google.

A few tutorial blogspot blogspot how to create a good and true, just an interest in learning how to create a blog on blogger to continue to follow the tutorial blogspot articles in a good article that will continue to be updated step by step to create a blogspot so that it can appear on page one goole.

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