How to Select a Template to Blogspot

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Blogspot Tutorial: How to Select a Template to Blogspot

Template of a blog is one of the main foundations for visitors galore. Template looks like we are in the eyes of others, the more handsome and more beautiful we will certainly be the center of attention.

But we should remember not all handsome men and beautiful woman has a heart as handsome and pretty as the eye. Similarly the blog template, look beautiful and interesting views not the main indicator used to assess a good blog template. Because the judge a blog template is not the eyes of our visitors, but the eyes of the search engine algorithms.

Egine search algorithm has a way of judgment that is not easy to explain, but one thing is for sure look nice template seen by the eye is not necessarily good in the eyes of the search engine robots. So how do we look so templates attractive in the eyes of search engine robots? A question that until now no one really knows the answer to that bear absolutely valid. But almost all of the master template blog has a good reference criteria, namely:

Template blog should have a fast loading.
Template blog should tag has particularly H1, H2, and H3 are in accordance with the targeted keywords.
Blog template has easy navigation used by visitors to our blog.
Template blog to be unique, different from the others.
Template blog has the look attractive in the eyes of our blog visitor.

So before we start doing our first post, it is advisable to choose a template that really meet the criteria-the criteria listed above. If we do not have the templates meet the above criteria should not do post. Minimal template blog we meet the three criteria of the five criteria listed above, namely point 1, 2, and 3.

Based on experience, as we often do template replacement will memperngruhi our visitor number. Usually when the blog template changed frequently, the blog visitor will decrease which usually lasts for about 1 week. Depending on how quickly the search engine robots perform index updates on our blog.

We can be compared to this, when there is someone we know and people suddenly changed its appearance. Then we will be difficult to identify the man, so anything that happens roughly in the search engine robots. Be wise in choosing a template because the appearance is very important but more important is the appearance of the heart that are not visible.

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